Analysis of the industry website two the industry website revenue Road

      the revenue of the industry website is related to the development of the industry Web site, with the source of funds, in order to ensure an industry website lasting, healthy development. With the passage of time, the accumulation of industry websites! A large number of paying members of old renewals and advertising continued investment, and even industry segments in-depth cooperation! For the site to continue to generate revenue sources

      1, member income

      according to the characteristics of the industry to develop fee program, for example: a member of agricultural products, price control to 800-3000 yuan between good; and a mechanical industry website member fees to 2000-1 million. Foreign trade website to control more than ten thousand yuan. Price is low, can not meet the needs of basic operations, the price is too high, industry users can not afford. If you choose an industry to operate, we must first consider the characteristics of the industry, and then develop the corresponding program. For example, Alibaba (Alibaba), HC do broad member, ordinary member price to 2000 yuan, the price is appropriate, the general user can accept, so establish membership price policy, according to the needs of user groups, to specify the degree of acceptance.

      2, advertising revenue

      if membership fee is a basic service, advertising revenue can be used as a way to raise revenue. Membership fees are generally not too high. The advertising revenue may be the price of a few thousand dollars a month, some large customers in general advertising will also choose some influential industries in the industry site advertising. Advertising location and the location of each charge we have to study in detail. In different periods, different advertising strategies can be developed. For example, the initial price may be very low, a home page advertising and even a few hundred dollars a month. According to the operation, the operation of the site after a few months can gradually raise prices.

      each location to understand the user clicks. In fact, we can also calculate the specific costs. For example, according to the Baidu search keywords we calculate the price of a location click on the number of. For example, the average price of garlic a reasonable click may be 0.5 yuan each time. The upper part of a website advertising banners, click on the 200, we can set a monthly fee. 0.5× 200× 30=6000 element. But considering the cost of customers, then set the price of 2000-4000 per month may be more reasonable. Anyone who wants to advertise on your site is not a fool. They will do the evaluation. It may be that you are telling the user a false data, but for a long time, you may lose a good user.


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