Do you need a site map

and webmaster chat, talk about the site map thing. Found that many webmasters are not attached to the site map. Do not think the site does not need a site map, in fact, this idea is not desirable. In general, the site has a navigation bar, that is, this site map is not for tourists to see, then there must be a value.

site map is similar to you in a city tour guide map, is the small spots in the scenic spots in the thread to string up, convenient for visitors to directly see, but the site map is to see who? Search engine is to look at the search engine to a station, will automatically search the site map, the general site map of the name of sitemap.htm  to the root  . Or search site map generation software, the software will automatically search your site links to help you do the site map.

site map role, in addition to providing convenience for users to quickly understand the website structure and content, the more important a role is, most of the technical type of search engine to collect the content page in the website, search the spider will enter into the deep web through the site map link, also is the site map design specification but also to "see", the search engine for website search engine optimization promotion strategy is especially important. So a good site map is to take into account the needs of users, but also to take into account the needs of the engine.

in the online collection summarizes the following aspects, provide the text of the link to the site on the main page of the site, according to the size, the number of how many pages can even connect to all pages; provide a brief introduction for each connection, in order to prompt visitors to the content of this part is about which of the hyperlinks inside mentioned; the most important key words in the site map and text search engine, help identify the connected page theme is about which of the engine; help index some dynamic pages, because some of the pages will be dynamically generated, if not the user behavior calls will not be displayed, this can be connected on the site map, dynamic help page engine index important; in order to make the site map to attract spider network access must be written on the back of a connection A simple description of the descriptive statement keywords and use this connection, but cannot use keywords transition, otherwise it will backfire; because the spider arrested before three pages, so the site map is flat as possible, here refers to the logical path, rather than the physical path.

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