Mission treasure network domain name is not treasure or negative tired

recently rumored, Groupon due to the absence of funds, or on the verge of collapse. Sources said that due to the chain of funds strand breaks caused by the situation continued to spread to the negative direction, part of the cooperation of businesses unable to obtain arrears on time, from the group to buy the network will refuse to enter the group. Even rumors, due to not contact the Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei, suspect that he has escaped and fled, all kinds of specious rhetoric. That Ren Chunlei in his micro-blog ridicule, "every day in the micro-blog report to the province, let others brazenly disinformation." Groupon is facing financial difficulties do not distinguish the fact, to seek financing or merger news can be heard without end. No matter where the mission treasure network, but it can change its domain name groupon.cn change treasure for the waste business strategy, it is worth mentioning.

"Groupon" was widely recognized by the public, is derived from two things. The United States is a group purchase originator Groupon into China, and Tencent Inc to build Chinese local group purchase station "Gaopeng"; two is to become the first successful IPO group purchase website. After Groupon in China, in order to close to the local culture and improve the distinction, with the "friends", the domain name "gaopeng.com", then the most China characteristics of "groupon.cn" who spent? Fall in a domain with the wind horses not related to the group purchase station "Groupon" on the head.

1 is not the only way to hold the thigh

The United States

group purchase giant Groupon and domestic Internet overlord Tencent teamed up together to create the domestic version of Groupon, the name of a sudden sound has been quite deterrent. Powerful combination, causing consumers to daydream countless. Obviously, at this time, Groupon has become synonymous with the strength and guarantee, perhaps this can explain why the group treasure net only hold the thigh of the inherent reasons.


can be seen from the figure, Groupon’s logo design and style is closer to the United States Groupon direction, even very close to the use of color, there is a "realistic zhenjiamobian". For such an English logo, the mission did not make any description of the official website of the meaning or characterization. Even said on its website, even website profiles are not just, let alone to find out the related interpretation of the text.


at the same time, the domestic domain name management expert China Nobel nuo.cn gives a more interesting news, Groupon has used "groupon.cn" as its official entrance, on the other hand, in the browser address bar enter "tuanbao.com" will jump to the "groupon.cn". And in the top of the site’s home page, it is the two sites have been listed. No matter how many times

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