Who is eligible to change the pattern of B2B e commerce market

from time to time to see the media coverage of the B2B e-commerce market pattern will be changed, nothing more than a B2B news website claiming to do more than Alibaba, how to rewrite the B2B pattern of the market, behind these empty boring news, actually nothing more than a B2B website for how many dollars of investment risk, feel suddenly have a talk capital, so take a sanwubo transportation fee, please send it to the media pr. This press release to see more, but until now have not released the news website to see any one of the B2B has the ability to change the pattern of competition, and most of these sites in a fracas even after they have lost their interest in chanting, even gradually disappeared.

who is eligible to change B2B e-commerce market structure? B2B market structure is not so easy to be changed, the Alibaba also rely on thousands of years of unremitting efforts and do not know how many billions of dollars in advertising bombing out. Don’t say anything else, on the website optimization this, there are several B2B sites can do search engine optimization level of Alibaba? With a web site for the poor, with a few dollars not what people are willing to see the PR draft to change the market structure B2B wake up?.

new competitiveness network marketing management consultant has many B2B e-commerce customers including B2B e-commerce giant, there are many unknown to the public but the sense of doing things the B2B website, some place not far away in the same city, but we didn’t even have seen through public channels, or know the website do not know the original in the vicinity. Some of these sites, the B2B platform has achieved astonishing achievements, however, is still trying to perfect every detail of the website, with action instead of slogans to improve website value to the user, a lot of the B2B website, may also change the B2B pattern of the market, but to find their own position in the market B2B e-commerce.

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