What are the key factors to open clothing store location

open clothing store generally choose those positions? In addition to the super business, many operators like to talk about their own shops arranged in the roadside. Clothing store location should be taken seriously, if you want to make a profit, then you should do more homework, Xiaobian share a few suggestions, I hope to help you.

location to note, in fact many friends all know, is that there must be considerable traffic, such as the Beijing Xidan North Street, passenger Wang, good enough, businesses became a hotly contested spot. That is not enough passenger flow on the line, nor is it. In some regions, such as Beijing’s CBD, a lot of people, but on the scarcity of resources, high rents, and through the local passenger for employees and as a courier company salesman, to provide services for commuters restaurant takeout etc., or they have no time to go around, or do not have enough capacity to pay, resulting in operating in this kind of area businesses operating difficulties.

1, select the floor to do the clothing business, the first step is to choose the most popular shopping district;

2, secondly, to make the correct positioning of their own brands and products;

3, third, to the value of the business sector to make a breakdown, to see if these potential consumers are the future buyers of their own products;

4, fourth, pay attention to rent.


two, recommended

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