Professional and technical personnel and institutions in Shanxi suspended venture can apply for busi

to encourage the masses to participate in entrepreneurship, the government introduced a number of policies to encourage in-service personnel and college students engaged in entrepreneurship. From now on, professional and technical personnel and institutions in Shanxi province suspended business can also bid for the employment permit, enjoy business support.

What is the role of

this document has a significant role, for example, if workers do poineering work independently, with the certificate can enjoy a series of support, including the application of small loans to the local community sector, the government subsidized support for projects requiring industry; to participate in entrepreneurship training at the beginning of the business, can enjoy entrepreneurship training subsidies; employment difficulties personnel engaged in self-employed or flexible employment, can enjoy social insurance subsidies; enjoy preferential tax and administrative fee waiver. For example, in line with the conditions of the unemployed, with the card can apply for unemployment insurance benefits.

the current levels of government in encouraging public participation in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, Shanxi province to encourage this role, but also should pay attention to institutions involved in entrepreneurship, should not affect the work of public institutions as the premise.

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