How about a dumpling shop

pasta dumplings is one of the traditional food in central, a "delicious dumplings" is enough to witness the dumplings in the hearts of the Chinese people can not be replaced. Dumplings in the China for thousands of years, is the people’s favorite traditional dishes, dumplings can be cooked, can be fried, can be steamed, fried, can meat stuffing, sweet salty, unique and freshandtenderstuffing, delicious taste, shape, feed them, so open a dumpling is not the wrong business projects. At present, the chain model is very popular, the advantages of joining the dumplings, the chain management is simple, low return on investment is high, suitable for small investment. So what about the prospect of the dumpling restaurant?

market bullish

dumplings in the domestic market demand and a huge consumer groups. Dumplings can make staple food, but also can be used as a snack, and dumplings taste, rich nutrition and management are suitable for all parts of the country; as a staple food, Chinese people love to eat dumplings group but not in the minority, every day there is a consumer demand, a year can be sold, no peak seasons.

operating simple

dumpling join can make full use of its unified production and distribution advantages, products to the store to complete the 90%, the operation is very simple, no professional chef and no smoke, a meal quickly; and there will be the headquarters of franchise operation management system mature, guide stores daily management, the franchisee to operate easily, very suitable for free the dining experience of entrepreneurs.

high return

dumpling shop to join the chain, a high degree of product standardization and less investment, but also can reduce the cost of joining the dumpling shop, save for artificial, water and electricity, rent (house area) of the cost, high profit returns.

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