How much investment in early childhood money king in the end

in recent years, many early education institutions under the banner of "let the children win at the starting line" slogan, young captured the hearts of the parents, "early education industry entered a rapid development track. On November 5th, Hefei’s early education market survey reporter found that early "cake" gradually expand, to catch up with the university tuition fees.

Aiko   push the big early "cake"

"my grandson this year is 2 years old, should also accept early." Yuan yuan, who lives in the era of Ms. Zhang told reporters, although his son and daughter are doctors, but because the child is too small, they are too busy to take care of the child. "Not every day to let the kids stay with us these old man, old woman, want to let him through the development of more and more contact with children of the same age, can grow up healthy and happy."

now highly educated parents is not a few, most parents think that as long as we can seize the training of children learning ability and intelligence development opportunities, even spend some money does not matter. "Although this is not a good time to learn a good job can be a good job, but learning can cultivate children’s ability to judge things and capture opportunities."

is better than the higher education tuition feesThe reporter saw in the happy heart

A teacher:

"the main contents of the course is to teach children, hand class, physical exercise, promote child muscle development, such as requirements when children aged 0-3 to alternate feet on the stairs." The tuition fee is 3460 yuan per month, plus living expenses of $3910 per month.

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