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cross-border electricity, mostly depends on policy, on Friday, on the sale of cross-border electricity import tax policy has been implemented, for cross-border electricity supplier representatives, scouring the sea, this is a bad news.

: just to be afraid of maternal electricity supplier costs rose

specific to different categories of tax, the new deal brought different. Mother and child class is one of the main products to increase the amount of tax payment, but also the focus of domestic cross-border electricity supplier. Honey bud facing the new deal performance calm, they said in response to the Nandu interview with reporters, maternal and daily necessities while tax in the new deal after 11.9%, but these are just category, from the long-term market, the impact is not great, honey bud will insist on cultivating category in maternal and Home Furnishing, recently told curious (H  uggies), Pampers (P  am  PERS) and other well-known brand mother signed a cross-border strategic agreement.

and more comprehensive cross-border electronic business platform, is to adjust in the category. For example, Tmall international refined the category of cost structure, increase the high price of appliances, cosmetics and other goods to attract investment; Suning increase the promotion of beauty and other categories have a beneficial impact on tax reform.

Million net table recommended

had engaged in maternal and infant industry for many years, familiar with cross-border electricity industry

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