Three major areas of environmental protection will usher in new changes

environmental issues are the focus of attention, so many friends are optimistic about environmental projects, the introduction of a number of policies, but also to promote the development of environmentally friendly industries. The prevention and control of atmospheric pollution is finally out of the new regulations, the field of environmental protection will usher in a new revolution, after ten years of history of the revised "People’s Republic of China air pollution prevention and control law" revised by August 29th finally and officially announced. The law will go into effect on January 1, 2016.

the new law to strengthen the concrete measures of motor vehicle pollution control, will give rise to the rapid growth of motor vehicle exhaust control market. With the rapid growth of the number of motor vehicles in China, the importance of motor vehicle exhaust control is becoming more and more important. Motor vehicle exhaust control and emission reduction will rise to become the emerging field of atmospheric pollution, the potential market space up to more than one hundred billion yuan.

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