Love gives Ang Lee strength

love is a beautiful word, a symbol of romance, represents the best, but the romance is not hard to eat, in the face of love, most men than women appear more rational, more calm, but director Ang Lee after harvest Oscar award, said love gave him strength!

but, I a few years after graduating from film school, I finally understand the father’s concern. In the American film industry, a no Chinese background to mix Chuming Tang, easier said than done. From 1983 onwards, I more than six years after a long while waiting, most of the time to help the crew to see equipment, do some chores like editing assistant, stage manager. The most painful experience is, once holding a script, ran more than and 30 companies for two weeks, once again faced with the contempt of others and refuse to.

the life of a man, is very humiliating. For a time, her parents let his wife give me a sum of money, let me take it to open a Chinese restaurant, or family, but the wife refused and returned the money to the elderly. I know it, and thought for several nights, finally decided that maybe this life movie is too far away from my dreams, or face the reality.

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