Couples kissing in public with children in the car with the embarrassment of parents

couple subway kissing in public, so that the other passengers with the car in the compartment is very awkward, curious little girl asked what the couple is doing, parents can only transfer the child’s attention.

I do not know whether you have this

the night before 8 p.m., the 26 year old Yang attended the family dinner, from Jinzhu station take Metro Line 3 home and 3 children, he was accompanied by relatives, are a little girl at the age of 9, the two 13 year old boy.

while Yang worried when only 9 years old sister suddenly raised his finger across the couple, loudly asked: "elder brother, you see, what they were doing?" the little girl looked curious and excited, Mr Yang was very embarrassed, let her not yell, and then chat some way to divert attention.

"show loving couple are purely personal, in no threat to public safety and interests of others, others have no right to interfere. But the car is a public place, not a bedroom." This year, 28 year old Lee said.

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