Beichuan’s first return to college students innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum successfully concl

The implementation of

management activities let students hit off a variety of benefits, they can find rich business opportunities in the city, you can go back to the hometown of mining opportunities for innovation. Beichuan college students can have such a double choice.

the meeting, county Party committee, propaganda minister Zhou Fulan introduced the development situation of our county electricity supplier and the opportunities, encourage students to study hard, actively participate in home construction. At the same time, the relevant departments should strengthen the "four in place", that is, services in place, the policy in place, the leadership in place, support in place, do a good job of returning home to start their work.

regardless of employment or business, to the college students can be a force for his contribution, we believe that with the economic development and the construction of the new Beichuan will accelerate, coruscate new new.

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