Key breakthrough characteristics

July 1st, the provincial Party committee, the provincial comprehensive deepening of reform leading group chaired the third meeting of the provincial Party Committee comprehensively deepen reform leading group of the Luo Huining. He stressed the need to firmly grasp the correct direction of reform, adhere to the problem oriented, focus on breakthrough, the formation of characteristics, and strive to get out of a Qinghai characteristics of the reform path.Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial comprehensive deepening reform leading group, deputy director Hao Peng, attended the meeting on behalf of the


meeting to convey learning general secretary Xi Jinping at the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group of the third meeting of the spirit of the speech, listen to the deepening reform of the overall situation and promote the work of the special team report.

Luo Huining pointed out, to earnestly study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on the comprehensive deepening reform, firmly grasp the correct direction of reform, in accordance with the "overall, comprehensively promote breakthroughs in key areas, forming characteristics and healthy operation", to accelerate the reform in various fields, to work out a way of reforming the characteristics of Qinghai. To adhere to the problem oriented, strive to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the reform, continue to solve the outstanding contradictions and problems existing in the development, to favor steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood reform initiatives and pay close attention to implement. He pointed out, especially in the key breakthrough, the formation characteristics of efforts, forming characteristics in three aspects, namely the formation characteristics of breakthrough in key areas; in a certain area of the important and key industries form characteristic; build in some aspects of a specific reform measures on the characteristics, the formation of bright spots, so as to drive other reforms to promote coordination.

Luo Huining said, deepening the reform of state owned enterprises, should be closely combined with the provincial government put forward the strategic goals and tasks, to further strengthen the status and role of state-owned enterprises in the economic and social development, strengthen the party politics in the state-owned enterprises in the core, deepen the internal reform of enterprises, promote enterprise innovation and development.

Luo Huining stressed that the city (state), county government functions and institutional reforms, to speed up the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, and actively explore the small government big society management model. In particular, the newly established city, to go in this direction, and strive to build the highlands of reform. To explore the establishment of a list of power system, the negative list management system to encourage qualified areas bold trial, the face of steady progress and a combination of local rapid breakthrough. To further strengthen the power of villages and towns, by optimizing the city, county, township three allocation of resources, a reasonable increase in the township staff, efforts to strengthen grassroots organizations to enhance the ability of cadres, improve the efficiency of organs.

Luo Huining pointed out that since the second meeting of the province’s comprehensive deepening reform and the central spirit is consistent, the general direction is right, the momentum is good. We want to reform the spirit of the central government and the province has implemented the reform of the reconciliation, the leading group office to;

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