Xining intermediate people’s court to carry out mediation work to ensure that the big mediation patt

according to the Xining intermediate people’s Court of "opinions" about carrying out the civil cases in the mediation of the spirit, the West Court in March 2011 began to promote the mediation work, by the end of May 2012, a total of filing mediation handled 39 cases of various types, the real implementation of the "end of the dispute, case, or all served to ", received a good legal effect and social effect.

filing mediation adhere to the principle of voluntary equality, legal and timely handling. Work is the focus of dispute has certain social impact of a large number of group disputes, mediation, and marriage and family, inheritance, homestead, Xianglinquan, personal injury compensation, labor dispute, the sale of housing, road traffic accident compensation disputes.

according to the "Xining City People’s court mediation work regulations", in the mediation, the diversity of the west, the Court adopted a tour of mediation, mediation and Conciliation Commission invited various mediation, so that the people’s mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation to achieve effective docking, mediation method, form diversification, "" the big mediation pattern can promote the overall, promotion of social conflicts and disputes. (author: Zhang Jianfeng)

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