Provincial Party committee of the first inspection teams feedback to the provincial Sanjiang Refco G

12 2, 2009, the provincial Party committee of the first inspection teams to the Sanjiang Provincial Committee of Refco Group Ltd feedback special inspections. Deputy director Huang Youliang to Sanjiang group company party secretary and chairman Yan Facang conveyed the Secretary Wang Guosheng will listen to the spirit of inspection work report after speech at the Provincial Standing Committee and provincial Party committee, on behalf of the group of five inspection teams to the Party leadership of the feedback of the inspection situation. Yan Facang presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Huang Youliang pointed out that the party’s eighteen years, Sanjiang Province group Party conscientiously implement the provincial government decision to deploy, continue to strengthen the party organization construction and style construction, promote the company’s healthy and stable development, the overall evaluation of the cadres and the masses is good, but in the inspection still found some problems. First, the leadership of the party is not strong enough, the implementation of superior decision-making and deployment of the relevant system is not in place, the selection and appointment of staff is not standardized. Two is the weak link in the construction of the party, the Party branch secretary does not understand, do not highlight the party work. Three is strictly strict party discipline is not strict, the implementation of the two responsibilities there is a gap, especially for subordinate units to carry out the work of Party building and honest supervision and guidance is not enough, the audit found that the rectification of the problem is not timely. Clues found in the inspection, has been transferred to the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Huang Youliang on behalf of the inspection team made four suggestions. One is to strengthen the leadership of the party, conscientiously implement the superior decision-making deployment. Two is to strengthen the party’s grassroots organizations and cadres. The three is to fulfill the "two responsibilities", strictly enforce discipline, dare to do the tube to treatment, strict management and strict treatment, long tube of Changzhi; discipline at all levels should conscientiously fulfill the supervision and discipline of accountability, comprehensive utilization of "four forms", Zhuazao grasping small, and strive to create a positive environment delicate gas enterprises. The four is to attach great importance to the leadership team members and subordinate units of leading cadres and risk, from the establishment of a sound system of bidding to standardize enterprise fund distribution and management, procurement of bulk materials and construction projects, and risk prevention.

Yan Facang said the company party to an inspection rectification as an opportunity and power, with a high degree of political consciousness, conscious political stance, the discipline and rules is in front of problems seriously reflect on the company. To control their actual work, consciously thinking and action with the central and provincial requirements, the inspection found problems in the implementation of the rectification to the improvement of work style, to promote the work, practical action to maintain stability and accelerate the development of the continuous deepening of inspection results, promote the company’s work orderly, effectively, let the provincial assured, let the staff satisfaction.


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