Clothing store display should learn what skills

to do the clothing business friends, want their own store passenger flow, clothing display is very important. The success of the clothing display, can quickly attract the attention of consumers, how to attract customers, and have a very good first impression on consumers, for the opening of new stores, this point is particularly important. The clothing store how to display, how to display will be more attractive to customers, do not know the friends follow the small series together to understand some of the clothing store display skills.

clothing store how to display tips:

1, the overall display of clothing store how to display attractive to the whole set of goods to customers, such as the full set of clothing as a whole, with the human model from head to toe to complete the display. The overall display method can make the overall idea for the customer, convenient customer purchase.

2, the theme of how to display clothing store attractive store to create a unique atmosphere to attract the attention of customers, and thus play a role in the promotion of goods.

3, neatly displayed by shelf size, length, width and height of certain numerical goods, goods neatly arranged, outstanding commodity quantity, so as to give customers a stimulus, the general merchandise store neatly displayed is to sell a lot to the customer of the goods, or because of seasonal factors, the purchase of large amount of customers to buy the high frequency of goods etc..

4, random display clothing store how to display attractive? Random display is the method of random accumulation of goods. It is mainly suitable for the display of special goods, it is for the customer to a "sale of goods that are cheap goods" impression. The use of a random display of the display device, usually round or four – shaped mesh basket, but also with a special sales of the prompt card.

5, disc display is actually changing neatly displayed, also showed the amount of goods, usually stacked orderly single style pieces will be arranged, is arranged at the bottom of the merchandise cartons for disc cut after the stay, and then to disk as a unit piled up, this can accelerate the clothing display speed, also at a certain level. That customers can buy in bulk.

6, a display of goods that is usually no longer subject to change after a certain position is displayed. The need to locate the goods on display are generally well-known brand-name goods, customers to buy these goods with high frequency, the purchase amount is large, so the need for these goods to give a fixed position to display, for the convenience of the customer, especially the old customers.

7, how does the associated display clothing store display attractive people? The associated display refers to the different but complementary clothing together. The use of complementary goods, the ability to enable customers to buy

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