2016 Chongqing 3 billion secured loans to support entrepreneurs

is a positive response to current national entrepreneurship, Chongqing strengthened the special support to entrepreneurs, and plans in 2016 will be issued at least not less than 3 billion yuan business loan to support the public business.

reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Finance Bureau, as of the end of 2015, Chongqing issued a total of 26 billion 170 million yuan loan guarantee business, support 320 thousand people start to promote the employment of 1 million 90 thousand people, of which 2015 financial discount 260 million yuan, 3 billion 30 million yuan of loans, to support entrepreneurship and promote the employment of 150 thousand people. 2016 plans to issue at least 3 billion yuan of venture capital loans. It is understood that the Chongqing city actively support the registered urban unemployed, migrant workers, college graduates entrepreneurship focus groups, and the development of Small and micro businesses as a key support object, the loan amount has been raised to a maximum of 2 million yuan.

City Finance Bureau said that due to the small amount of fixed assets and other factors, some small and micro enterprises financing difficult financing, restricting the development of small and micro enterprises. Through the introduction of venture capital loans and other ways to increase interest rates, and promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. For example, in the perfection of the guarantee system, the establishment of the registered capital of 300 million yuan Small and micro businesses financing for Guarantee Corporation, Small and micro businesses and individual businesses to conduct security operations; the establishment of 1 billion yuan Small and micro businesses financing guarantee fund for Small and micro businesses and individual industrial and commercial households financing credit guarantee, in accordance with the policy to extract risk reserve compensation compensation and guarantee business risk.

in addition, Chongqing city has also expanded the business support objects, the unemployed, migrant workers and college students entrepreneurship crowd into key support object, and improve the loan amount, as more and more people start to solve the problem of funds.

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