Changzhou launched a successful college graduates subsidy can get 6000 yuan

now university graduates had not 20 years ago many college students out of school God’s favored one, namely unemployment. In order to help college students to solve the employment problem, China’s college graduates to encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment, college students in Changzhou for the first time since the successful start of 6000 yuan subsidy.

12 21, learned from the municipal finance department, Changzhou formally introduced the "opinions" of the implementation to further improve the employment work under the new situation, the financial department of the city from six aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship support.

a reward for the first time opened. To participate in the community sector recognized entrepreneurship training college students, graduated five years of college graduates and the city residence of the registered unemployed, for the first time in Changzhou to succeed in business and business license, opened with a one-time subsidies, 2016, subsidy standard increased from 2000 yuan to 6000 yuan.

College graduates should be

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