The old number what dumplings franchise

delicious snacks also is the brand interview project the most traditional, such as dumplings, dumplings old brand is a tradition based on a slightly modified, to open dumplings investors consider this brand.

on the old, dumplings belonging to vanilla vanilla (Beijing) Polytron Technologies Inc, founded in 2009, registered capital of 30 million, is a set of production, processing, logistics, as one of the modern food production and processing, business services enterprises. The factory was built in July 2013, covers an area of 20000 square meters, with a total investment of RMB about 10000000 yuan.

old number dumplings nutrition collocation, concentrated food color, fragrance and taste, standardized operation of the store management, profit chain of scientific design, store atmosphere and create a series of fast-food chain related content, is our continuous research topic. We adhering to the "customer satisfaction, so that franchisees profit" business purposes, the franchise chain as a long-term development strategy. The correct business philosophy and rich experience of Chinese fast-food chain, not only to the franchisee in huge profits, the old number of dumplings also makes rapid development into a group has more than and 700 Direct stores and fast-food brands. In the course of the development of the group, but also won a series of honors and achieved good social effects on the old dumplings on the road to take you on the road to success, then the old dumpling on how to join it?

how to join the old dumpling? What do you need to meet the old dumpling? See the following details:

old dumpling join conditions:

good business sense to respect the brand, do not arbitrarily change the brand intent;

rich people management experience;

has a long-term vision, with long-term development potential;

actively participate in training, love learning, personally involved in the operation;

old dumpling join process:

1, franchisees through the to understand the project

2, franchisees to visit the headquarters

3, put forward to apply for

4, headquarters audit through

5, officially signed the contract

6, headquarters system training

7, Select >

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