Entrepreneurial dessert shop to make money man Liu Chao

delicious dessert is a lot of people can’t resist the temptation to us, which is very popular in the industry, a lot of people are relying on a dessert on a good day, there is an uncle, he also opened a dessert shop, the first venture victories fruitful let go, look at him what is the success of entrepreneurship!

"at the store from one frame to gradually forming, just like looking at their children grow up together. Although I have not been a parent, but also can feel the feeling." Liu Chao said, I hope that their dessert can bring fresh and comfortable feeling. Therefore, in the design, I will be a unified decorative style of fresh green wind." When

continue to fail and try again "before seen in the dessert shop are semi-finished products, standardized things, the real core technology in the factory." Liu Chao said, about making sweets, he made a lot of work, "the original, most began to try making desserts, almost every day at home at home, every meal cannot do without dessert." Liu Chao said with a smile, the family and relatives and friends have been pulled to eat my dessert, for some time they see the dessert are frowning." Too much attention to the skills of the dessert, because do not understand the technology, he kept trying, and constantly adjust the production recommendation

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