Lu’an property market three months cumulative digestion inventory of 824 thousand and 400 square met

in the face of the previous two years, the real estate downturn, Lu’an’s real estate has also been a certain degree of impact. This time, the government in the case of real estate to pick up the situation, and actively take relevant measures to achieve great success in the inventory.


" is the focus of the city’s real estate industry this year, the city has also introduced a series of preferential policies for real estate and received significant results. The day before, the Municipal Construction Committee announced in April the operation of urban real estate market, urban commercial housing sales and prices have achieved an increase, especially in real estate digest inventory, to achieve the "three down", nearly three months to digest inventory of 824 thousand and 400 square meters.

according to the Municipal Construction Committee released data show that in April, the real estate market in March continued the trend, market sales Redubujian, monthly sales of 3807 sets of commercial housing, an increase of 79.41%, the sales of commodity housing 3365 sets, 442 sets of non residential housing sales, sales to a historic high level. April home sales price of 4808 yuan / square meter, compared with the average price in March rose by $583 / square meter, or larger.

1-4 months of this year the total sales of commercial housing 15278 units, an increase of 76.30%, sales area of 1 million 657 thousand and 300 square meters, year-on-year, chain double growth, and increased significantly, compared with the same period last year, sales doubled. 2016 1-4 real estate sales price of 4460 yuan / square meter, down by 5.05%, a decline of 5.87%. In the first 4 months of this year, total sales of commercial housing area of 1 million 657 thousand and 300 square meters.

in the digestion of the property market inventory, in April, the city approved pre-sale area of 221 thousand and 700 square meters, the sales area of 414 thousand and 200 square meters, the urban area for sale to reduce the area of 192 thousand and 500 square meters. By the end of April, the city for sale area of 6 million 222 thousand and 500 square meters, nearly 3 months to achieve the property inventory three times, a total of 824 thousand and 400 square meters to digest inventory.

inventory is the property market in the doldrums caused by the construction of a series of houses nobody cares. This time along with the real estate pick up, to take relevant measures and preferential policies to eliminate inventory is a wise move!

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