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State Council issued a document to accelerate the development of express industry

along with the development of cross regional markets and the Internet economy continues to heat up, the courier industry also worth double, has become a major positive market. Development of express logistics industry, effective for China’s innovation and entrepreneurship development.

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2016 in the third quarter of Shanghai and other urban land prices are still high growth

Since the reform and opening up the economy of our country

has achieved remarkable development, but the real estate industry is facing a rapid increase, one thing is let me be struck dumb. In October 27, and the dynamic monitoring system of city land price data show that the third quarter of this year, the national first-tier cities and some hot city residential land is still in rapid growth, most of the two or three line of the city land price changes smoothly, market differentiation significantly. read more

Fu Xiang Cake Bakery makes delicious opportunities to enjoy non stop

in our living standards continue to improve today, we continue to improve the demand for healthy food. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very market development space choice. Fu Xiang Cake Bakery? Popular food, deeply loved by consumers!

Fu Xiang Cake Bakery with a variety of desserts, you can enjoy the food! Fu fragrant cake baking technology originated in Hongkong the charming Tongluowan, taste delicious, novel design, reasonable price, favored by the vast number of consumers, including wedding cake, cheese cake, Tiramisu, blueberry mousse cake, white chocolate mousse cake, cake, fruit pudding cake Schwarzwald, apricot honey cake, coffee, action tea, freshly baked bread, fragrant Cake Bakery. Each delicious! read more

How to start a successful business From the practical start

now recruit people to see the social experience and technology, so want to go on the road of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to have excellent technology.

how to start a successful business? From the practical start. At present, the urgent need for skilled personnel in the community is well known, after the media reports on labor shortage more and more. Many companies have to use high salaries to attract people, and these are often the object of high paying young talent. Recruitment, difficult or easy, perhaps the experience of the human resources department of the enterprise is the most profound. So, how to become a business competition pet? How to make yourself a well paid job? Small series that can be started from the following two points. read more

How to integrate resources to ensure the long term nature of community education in Yaohai

in the modern society, everyone’s life has a lot of time is used in the study above, whether in learning or in life, learning is the main way to obtain knowledge. For better development of community education, growing streets, three community community education in Yaohai District, the integration of resources advantage, build brand oriented characteristics, actively cultivate talents, strengthen the community construction, the main front of the school to build lifelong learning activities of the brand. read more

Dig deep into the treasure buried in the information

for a businessman, "intelligence" is crucial, because by this information, business people can step ahead seize the lifeline of the market, the slow need to start early. we all must have heard the story, but if the story of the bird or clever businessmen?

Browse in the local high rate information for the establishment of a "business intelligence network", established a link with some websites, and will log on to the contents of the search engine business intelligence network ", multi-faceted played for the financial, insurance, securities and corporate finance, restructuring and management provide" special information "advertisement. read more

30 year old female entrepreneurs choose what is the most suitable small business

for women, 30 years old is a watershed of life, this time to have a career, with the goal of their own, the girls do not choose to start a business in about 30 years, it’s time to do a small business venture what good?

30 year old female entrepreneurs to choose what is the most appropriate business model boutique

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How to open a good fruit shop

with the increasing importance of modern health care, fruit has gradually become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives, which also contributed to the rapid development of the fruit industry. However, most customers choose fruit, still rely on their own tastes and preferences to choose to consume, while ignoring the nutritional content of the fruit itself and suitable for the crowd. And these will become the key to how to open a good fruit shop, the following small series will share with you the success of experience. read more