Month: April 2017

wish to join you the extraordinary achievements of Doctoral Education

education market, has been very hot, small business venture, entrepreneurial choice to join the education market, no doubt, is a very wise choice is not it? What about doctor education? High quality entrepreneurial projects, open a doctor’s own wish to join the agency is to make money!

education has become the most concern in people’s mind, any family, children’s education has become the center of the family, many parents are worried about their children get the best education, have let their children go to a variety of education and training institutions. But is it true that the child has the best education?. I wish you a very unexpected result. read more

Clothing store display should learn what skills

to do the clothing business friends, want their own store passenger flow, clothing display is very important. The success of the clothing display, can quickly attract the attention of consumers, how to attract customers, and have a very good first impression on consumers, for the opening of new stores, this point is particularly important. The clothing store how to display, how to display will be more attractive to customers, do not know the friends follow the small series together to understand some of the clothing store display skills. read more

Dongguan focus on the original cultural force to promote the development of cultural industries

with the development of the times, all walks of life have a new development, including the cultural industry, not only more and more film and television works, but also popular culture began to rise. An increasing number of folk literature and art organizations began to shine, in the competition has made proud achievements.

in the just concluded the eleventh session of China Festival – the final seventeenth Stars Award, works jointly built by the Dongguan City Cultural Center, the center of the original town wide – fast writing "Yangxuxuanyu folk group", from the 21 finalists "quyi works talent shows itself Stars Award" in the finals, won the "stars award". read more

Children’s clothing store can be achieved by four steps

children’s clothing sales momentum in recent years, the enthusiasm of investors set up shop, the number of children’s clothing stores in various parts of the country have been significantly improved. However, although many children’s clothing store opened, but the results are different, and some shops in front of the bustling, and some in front of the cold. For the door in front of the children’s clothing store, we are here to share the four step to achieve the children’s clothing store income approach, can refer to. read more

Haikou Guilin Ocean University City youth entrepreneurship nnovation Center ushered in the first st

in our country are full of lofty ideals and high aspirations of young entrepreneurs, but success is rare. For the majority of young people in China to increase the success rate of entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to create around the Incubation Platform in a comprehensive and professional service for cooperative entrepreneurs to provide the most awesome.

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Entrepreneurial financing road to find the winter

in the second half of this year, many O2O platform suffered a crisis, many small companies began to close down or layoffs. Entrepreneurs looking for investment has become even more bumpy road, it was said that the advent of the capital of winter, and has deeply affected the development of entrepreneurship.

"I am on vacation next month, then contact the" eleven "before the start, only do not vote." Recently, some investors have been aware of such reply Lin ting.

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Entrepreneurs need to open the milk tea shop four good off

milk tea nutritional value and taste are very high, a lot of people prefer milk tea rather than the general carbonated drinks, many investors do not know how to operate, do not know how to open a tea shop. In fact, open milk tea shop is very simple, as long as you do four points, I believe you must have a hot tea shop business, financial resources come. What are the four points? Let’s go and see it.

a lot: to open a tea shop to choose the bustling, large flow of people, but the store is not suitable for the tea is often so easy to find. A lot of tea tea brand to join the brand interested partners are complaining: now not money, not talent, but can not find a suitable tea store. This time it should be noted that there is no suitable store to open tea shop do not do. read more

What are the creative gift stores business strategy

now people love to send some gifts creative creative gifts, development of creative gifts, some entrepreneurs now see the creative gifts of progress, choose to shop business, in the face of such a serious market, can also be said that the market is of competition everywhere, the operation mode can be properly for creative gift stores bring endless benefits, today Xiaobian lead learning 4 join strategy of creative gifts of franchise business.

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How to improve the business franchise sales of drinks

when we go on the road, often buy drinks, in fact, little drinks have high profit margins, operating drink shops, to popular business, one is to have a good product, the two is to have a good method of operation, both in its stability. So, for the novice, how to operate in order to improve the beverage store sales?

beverage chain promotional activities before the start, send a message to the old customers, old customers to allocate resources to the staff to send information, appropriate reimbursement fee information, and according to the unified information standard, to introduce customers to promotions, sweepstakes, theme product sales technique simulation exercises. read more