Month: August 2017

True love is not in order to calculate the weight of Shanghai traffic

so popular love Shanghai weights algorithm is actually not true love, Shanghai itself did not launch love Shanghai weight of this argument, just a algorithm of some of his own. Google PR algorithm is very complicated, if there is love Shanghai weight really, will be as complex as the Google PR, not a few people to study it, so love the official Shanghai >


why? The correct understanding we talked about love Shanghai weight have been in front of Shanghai, love the higher the weight, but the long tail word will be ranked in front, and the flow is also higher. But if on the other hand, the higher the flow, love Shanghai more heavy weight, it is not reasonable. I said why not reasonable. read more

The real reason can not be fully included in the secret website

Disallow: /news / news path does not allow all search engines to crawl under the


: third pages have not been visited, "

: the first is robots.txt file screen. Found in the analysis of site log spider every day in the web pages, but the site is still not fully included, then it is necessary to detect the site of robots file, the webmaster know spiders to crawl sites, will first search the web presence of robots files, check whether the site already exists does not need to crawl the page. To see whether the document from a certain part of the site, because many owners will not properly write robots files, causing the site cannot be fully included. For many novice webmaster do not know how to write the file, can use love Shanghai Webmaster Tools robots file function, can detect your file written correctly, or can help you generate a file, file path can you fill in the shield. As the following example: read more

From the website of love Shanghai snapshot stagnation to ten minutes by combing method

from the start station is used PowerEasy CMS, now is SiteWeaver CMS 6.8, and table form template code page open speed let me headache, the end of September, finally revised the DIV+CSS’s results, as can be imagined at the beginning of October, Shanghai, love stalled snapshots of my website, the most serious when love Shanghai snapshot a week before, also included as can be imagined.

From the revision to now > This is a period of time after the revision of the new

this point, I think it is good to do, because the weight of the original articles are necessary, before the snapshot is not updated, if one generates all the articles, will cause search engines can not recognize the original structure of the website. My approach is to update a week’s article, and added a new template made of columns, all of the articles are original, then every other day is to generate the weights and search volume is not high part of the article, so that the engine has a gradual process of adaptation. read more

For dry cargo in the face of problem analysis should be to solve the following data analysis


2, set the customer service customer service page: $angle is not set out in high frequency? How professional customer service? How to service occupation attitude? How to data sources and so on


, 2 page relevance perspective: content description and correlation is attractive? Whether the page is not reasonable? Ask the question word jump to other word landing page

2, the dimensions of key words: the keyword, click on the consumer perspective, consulting and booking issues such as how do you analyze? Click on high? You are a user you can click on will make an appointment? The search words you will do read more

How to deal with the relationship between web spider

spider hate server instability, spiders are generally along the structure of the site to the depths of climb, if open the page a card a card, or suddenly can not access, certainly not normal spider crawling, jump out is normal. Dead link is the same.

5, don’t love jump on these very sensitive.

say that what

! 3, 1,

6, hate need to log in to browse the contents of the website, because it is not registered, so can not see.

4, FLASH, love JS code, because it does not recognize, grab.

spider is about the characteristics, sometimes feel a bit like a spider illiterate, it does not, it will not do, the execution is too poor, but we have to take care of it, to get good rankings and flow, must serve the emperor like a eunuch like it, love what is delivered to its mouth what is love, it is not possible to do. read more

Love Shanghai algorithm adjusted frequently search results convincing

can be seen from several picture above love Shanghai recent data is not normal, this is only my personal opinion, if really normal, then we do the Shanghai dragon staff how to do, do our website are cheating, all right to be reduced. There is a possibility to love Shanghai to update this evening, it led to the current data is not normal, sincerely hope that love Shanghai can quickly update, return to normal state. In this paper, edited by 贵族宝贝geling888贵族宝贝, please indicate the

! read more

Go to do the four reason Shanghai dragon needs to keep pace with the

Shanghai dragon Effect of

Shanghai dragon behind

is now a "micro" era, many users through the mobile phone to the wireless Internet, and gradually expand the scale, therefore also touched micro-blog SNS, the development of a strong social network, so a lot of interesting content gradually appear in these places, so the search engine could not pay attention to this one. After micro-blog and SNS social network will certainly affect the keywords ranking. Now the URL around micro-blog although the will after a jump, but has an impact on the ranking. Do Shanghai dragon also need to pay attention to the changes in these aspects, or do some tests under. read more

Discussion on mobile search in three major trends in the future

three: mobile search will be more personalized and localized

With the launch of Google language search

with the types of mobile devices continues to increase, the current mobile equipment mainly includes ordinary mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer equipment. Which are obtained in these devices on the search results will be different, not only between the three of them, even with the PC desktop search results we will also be different, I think this will be a major trend in mobile search results, and users on different devices to search and search behavior will be different. For the further fragmentation of the transfer equipment of search results, as we must be reasonable treatment equipment for every type of making different optimization strategies. read more

The revelation of the nternet business failure is as meaningful as successsh419 focus on member exp

it’s better to look at a failed story than to look at ten successful stories. The Internet through countless entrepreneurs, groundless talk, Internet startups too many to count into view, some companies with their own innovative ideas, with the rapid development of Internet Accelerator, and the subversion of traditional, created a miracle in the industry. But compared to start the army, is a success, most Internet startups are lost in history, slowly forgotten by people, including some excellent companies once the public good. Today, the Internet business enthusiasm unabated, understanding the failure of the Internet business apocalypse, and success as meaningful. read more

Beginner you know what to do 100 million dollars luxury villa rental business behind the entrepreneu


a few months later, Poulin flew back to Barbados, this time he offered free service in exchange for 20% of the rent. Next time you’ll see what I think." "That’s good news," he told the villa owner, "because I’ve made money for you."." After that, he talked about 7 villas in Barbados and flew back to Montreal.


5. do Wangzhuan, you should always remember, others to help you, you must first help others, no one has the obligation to help you, so if you give others to help others, when you are in trouble will also help you! Don’t think the others will be their selfless dedication of money tips read more