Month: November 2017

360 Webmaster Platform closed protection function line

1. is reserved host home

This article from the Huang Kun

search, the second largest search engine in China Huang Kun! I have a station 360 weight is relatively high, every day from 360 to IP is two times of love Shanghai! Have to say 360 brings IP

blog, the original address: 贵族宝贝 first A5


closed protection note:

3. sites comply with laws and regulations, non waste, spam station

360 station closed protection also has several considerations, we need to look at:

1. in the Webmaster Platform website through the verification, the applicant must be the site administrator read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis puliao Shanghai dragon once stopped dangerous website

website ranking behind

Shanghai dragon is needed for a long time work unremittingly, once stopped it may cause website ranking drop, for general website, ranking with the traffic that is not moving backwards, because you do not forward others in progress, it would be easy to exceed you. But the search engine algorithm and optimization techniques before changing, may no longer be search engine love, and instantly make your site back before liberation is possible, moreover, website ranking itself there are many unstable factors, caused by the reasons for the decline in ranking is diverse, maybe one day a small action will pay attention to a little of the punishment of the search engine, sometimes causing these prominent factors of website ranking drop really is inevitable. Therefore, if that is not the website ranking forward. read more