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Bread prices set to rise

first_imgBread prices are set to rise again, with the on-shelf price for an 800g loaf predicted to increase by 10-15p in the next few weeks.Gary Sharkey, head of wheat procurement for Hovis, told British Baker: “Bakers cannot possibly absorb the latest round of increases.Flour costs have risen yet again, due to world shortages, and there have been big increases in energy costs, a major factor in baking, plus significant rises in oil prices affecting daily distribution costs.”He said that, last September, wheat prices had risen 60% year-on-year due to adverse weather conditions and high demand. Since September, prices have continued to rise and are now £50 a tonne higher.Niall Irwin, of Irwins plant bakery in Northern Ireland and president of the Irish Association of Master Bakers, said; “We are not immune. We cannot absorb recent steep increases and will have to pass costs on shortly. We supply Irish and mainland supermarkets throughout the UK. It’s not just fuel and flour costs that have risen, but edible oils and fats used in baked goods. Dried fruit, too, is continually rising.“Everyone is hopeful the next harvest will be good quality and plentiful, but if not, it will be a continuous spiral of price rises.”Warburtons’ CR director Sarah Miskell said: “We are aware of continued input costs such as wheat and energy. For now we are monitoring the market really closely. In these volatile market conditions, it is always  difficult to predict the full extent of the long-term price peaks. Price rises may be needed, but Warburtons feels it is too early to do this at the moment and will continue to watch the markets.Mike Holling of 52-shop Birds of Derby, who is also chairman of the National Association of Master Bakers, representing high street independents, said: “We are experiencing increases every week in ingredients, while fuel and energy have risen considerably. We had to raise bread prices last week.“A few days ago, I met with several members of the National Association. Some have already raised prices and others are intending to very shortly, just to keep their businesses viable.”Jefta kon Lakovic, chief executive of Arnouti Pitta Bakery, which supplies supermarkets, said: “As well as all the increases, commodity price speculators have changed their speculation to the most important commodities of the world – food.”>>Short stocks force sugar suppliers to raise priceslast_img read more

HHS: Pharmacists to Administer COVID-19 Tests

first_imgThe Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health issued new guidance under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act authorizing licensed pharmacists to order and administer COVID-19 tests that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has authorized.HHS Secretary Alex Azar issued the following statement:“Giving pharmacists the authorization to order and administer COVID-19 tests to their patients means easier access to testing for Americans who need it. Pharmacists play a vital role in delivering convenient access to important public health services and information. The Trump Administration is pleased to give pharmacists the chance to play a bigger role in the COVID-19 response, alongside all of America’s heroic healthcare workers.”HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Brett P. Giroir, M.D. issued the following statement:“In an effort to expand testing capabilities, we are authorizing licensed pharmacists to order and administer COVID-19 tests to their patients. The accessibility and distribution of retail and independent community-based pharmacies make pharmacists the first point of contact with a healthcare professional for many Americans. This will further expand testing for Americans, particularly our healthcare workers and first responders who are working around the clock to provide care, compassion and safety to others.”OASH’s Guidance for Licensed Pharmacists, COVID-19 Testing, and Immunity under the PREP Act is available here – PDF.FDA’s Emergency Use Authorizations for diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices to diagnose and respond to public health emergencies is available here.Priorities for testing patients with suspected COVID-19 infection are available here.last_img read more

Photo Advisory First, Photos released upto 4 p.m.

first_imgNew Delhi: Oct 16, 2017 (PTI) EDITORS: Photos with Captions released today. To view thumbnails of these Photographs, visit PTI website at..http.//www.ptinews.com NATIONAL Patna: Janaraksha March (B) New Delhi: Models walk on grand finale ramp (B+A) Bodhgaya: Monks paying respects to Thailands late king Bhumi Adulyadej (A) Kochi: Protest in Kochi (B) New Delhi: Harsimrat Kaur at press conference (A+B) New Delhi: Sushma Swaraj meets Agapito Mba Mokuy (B) Srinagar: Lashkar-e-Toiba militant being presented by police (B) Kolkata: Diwali preparations (B+A) Srinagar: Army and CRPF joint press conference (B) Allahabad: Farhan Akhtar performs at III-T (A) New Delhi: Closing ceremony of Bharat Yatra (A+B) Kolkata: Kali Puja preparations (A) Bengaluru : Building collapse in Bengaluru (B+A) INTERNATIONAL Lahore : Bridal Fashion Week (B) Santa Rosa : An American flag hangs on a burned home (A) Kenner:Oil rig explosion in Lake Pontchartrain off Kenner (A) Seongnam: 2017 Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (B) SPORTS Bremen : German Bundesliga soccer match (B) Guwahati: FIFA U-17 World Cup match (B) Mumbai: New Zealand players during a practice session (A+B) PTI PHOTO HS / jagmohan nnnn OSSlast_img read more

Govt invites bids to select agency for conducting spectrum auction

first_imgNew Delhi: The government on Monday invited bids for selection of agency that will conduct spectrum auctions in various bands, including 5G, as it set the stage for mega sale of over 8000 MHz of radiowaves. Issuing the notice for ‘Request for Proposal’ or tender document, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) said the deadline for submission of the bids would be September 25. The guidelines for auction of spectrum in 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz, 2500 MHz and 3300-3600 MHz bands will be announced separately, the notice said while pointing to an availability of 8093 MHz of airwaves in multiple bands. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal”Notice for Request for Proposal (RFP) for selection of agency for conducting e-auction of spectrum in various bands was issued by the Department of Telecommunications on August 26,” an official release said. In June this year, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had said the government will hold spectrum auction for 5G and other bands in the current calendar year. The notice issued by the DoT on Monday said the bid evaluation will be in three parts — pre-qualification, technical and financial. The normal tenure of the contract for the selected auctioneer would be three years, with provision of a one-year extension by mutual consent, it said. The bidder should not have any equity directly or indirectly in any telecom service provider in India, and vice versa, and will have to declare its Indian and foreign equity holdings. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostThe selected agency will be tasked with designing, structuring and implementing the overall process of e-auction and also advise on setting the rules for the bidding process. The agency will help prepare bid documents for the auction and also advise on the safeguards in the e-auction system to ensure the security of the entire process, it added. A pre-bid conference will be held on September 2, with prospective bidders. Technical evaluations will be based on criteria such as total value and number of e-auctions conducted in the last seven years, total value of telecom related e-auctions in the last seven years, design of auction process and development of bid document, among others.last_img read more

State mulls 2 rice plantation machines in each subdivision to increase farmers

first_imgKolkata: In a bid to further increase the income of the farmers, the state Agriculture department is planning to provide two rice plantation machines in each subdivision that paddy growers can use free of cost.A rice plantation machine ensures sowing of paddy seeds on a 1-bigha of land in just 15 minutes and it would help in increasing the farmers’ income by Rs 4,000 to Rs 4,500 for their production in a bigha.Asish Banerjee, the state Agriculture minister, said: “The function of the machine has been demonstrated in Birbhum on Saturday and training was also given to some farmers. Our endeavour would be to keep two such machines in each sub-division so that farmers can use it free of cost. There would be a discussion in this regard in a meeting scheduled at Nabanna on Monday so that the same can be started in all the districts.” Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeEach of the machine cost around Rs 2.90 lakh. Since it is not affordable for the farmers to procure the same, the initial plan would be to keep two such machines in the farms of the state Agriculture department in each subdivision. Farmers can take it to their agricultural land to sow paddy seeds without paying anything. They just need to bear the transportation cost of the machine from the farm to the plot of land.Banerjee, who was present in Birbhum during the demonstration of the machine on Saturday, maintained that rice plantation machines would also be kept at the Custom Hiring Centres. “The state government would give subsidy if a farmer wants to procure the same,” the minister said adding that the state government would be giving a subsidy of Rs 1.16 lakh to help farmers to buy a machine. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedOfficials of the state Agriculture department, who are posted in Birbhum, were also present at the programme, where training was given to the farmers on how to use the rice plantation machine.The farmers have also shown interest in using the machines as it would help them to complete the work of sowing seeds at much lesser time than the conventional way of doing the same.This comes at the time when the state government has taken several steps to ensure improvement of the agriculture sector and bagged Krishi Karman Award for five consecutive years and the average annual income of the farmers in Bengal has gone to Rs 2.91 lakh in the last financial year.last_img read more

How Blockchain Technology Is Helping Remodel the Private Equity Industry

first_imgMay 25, 2018 Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Private equity investment funds have made many people and institutional investors billions. However, structural issues prevent all parties from experiencing the full benefits of this powerful investment vehicle.Real estate investment has proven inaccessible to many investors across the marketplace. It has required massive initial buy-ins and/or intimate market knowledge for profitable participation.Private equity todayHistorically, private equity funds have been a reliable and steady source of income for investors and fund managers. Unlike public companies, a limited number of in-the-know partners hold private equity. Shares can’t be bought and sold on the stock market. Now, this is where shareholder governance and reporting are significantly easier. Unlike venture capital, private equity is traditionally used to invest in established businesses seeking to expand or restructure.Therefore, a growth-oriented private equity fund invests the capital it raises in companies seeking growth capital to facilitate expansion, an acquisition strategy, and/or restructuring.  In addition to providing capital, the fund’s investment team will use its expertise to assist a portfolio company in achieving its growth goal.After a prescribed amount of time, the fund divests its interests in the portfolio companies. Hence, this provides a return to the fund’s investors.  After divesting its holdings, the fund will be wound down. Then, the private equity firm will start a follow-on fund and repeat the cycle.Stiff structureIn the past, this investment model has been successful. However, it also has struggled with several inefficiencies.Private equity fund managers have sought to work with a relatively limited number of investors to minimize shareholder reporting needs. Hence, the amount of cash typically required for participation means only large institutional investors like pensions or wealthy individual investors can buy in. A huge portion of the investing world simply isn’t able to participate in this profitable investment structure.Furthermore, private equity fund structures have defined liquidation deadlines. These deadlines drive certain behavior that isn’t always in the best interest of maximizing underlying asset value.  After the downturn, many funds liquidated their holdings. And, as a result, suffered tremendous losses. These structural deadline elements oftentimes constrain the investment manager from generating the best returns for their investors.Blockchain token solutionsBlockchain’s immutable ledger can be used to tie real-world assets to tokens. This strategy combines the benefits of blockchain — its transparency, accessibility and security — with the reliability of real-world investments. Smart contracts and an immutable ledger means ownership of those real investments can be secured within the blockchain itself.Cryptocurrency has made a few people very rich over the past six months. Yet, many tokens have experienced price drops almost as dramatic as their price increases.People who need lower-risk investment opportunities have been shut out of the cryptocurrency boom. No one wants to sink a large portion of their kids’ college fund into a cryptocurrency that might be worthless tomorrow. This is where asset-backed blockchain tokens come into the picture.A secure option for investment: Asset-backed tokensFounded in 2012, Muirfield Investment Partners is a private equity firm. It will launch a TAO for a new generation of private equity investment. Murfield built MIF, a security asset token. And, a private equity real estate investment portfolio managed by the private equity real estate firm will back the token.Initially, a limited number of U.S. accredited investors and non-U.S. approved parties will receive tokens. Then, public exchanges buy and sell MIF tokens. This can happen after a lock-out period of 90 days to a year. This groundbreaking model presents several opportunities.Breaking the rigid structure of private equity investmentTokenization allows a lower barrier of entry to participation. Anyone who owns just one token is participating in the fund.Furthermore, tokenization allows liquidity that was previously impossible in private equity fund structuring. As a result, this helps optimize the private equity fund structure. Investors in need of redemptions can sell their tokens in exchanges. Someone else acquires the token.  Fund managers face far lighter redemption burdens under the tokenization model. Plus, the fund doesn’t have a liquidation deadline. Therefore, they can manage the fund far more efficiently and drive greater economic returns for their investors.In fact, tokenization means no fund liquidation. Instead, managers can focus on maximizing the fund’s long-term net asset value rather than reaching a target exit date.Now, Muirfield wants to improve the traditional private equity fund world. Tokenization opens this world up to a larger participant pool. As Thomas Zaccagnino, Founder of Muirfield Investment Partners, explained, “We are very excited to bring a new and much improved private equity investment structure to the market. A structure offering better alignment between the investors and investment manager, improved ability to maximize assets values, and enhanced liquidity allowing investors the ability to control how long they participate in the growth of the underlying real estate portfolio.”(By Peter Daisyme) Register Now » 5 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. This story originally appeared on Duelast_img read more

The LLVM project is ditching SVN for GitHub The migration to Github

first_imgThe official LLVM monorepo repository was officially published on Github on Tuesday. Now is a good time to modify your workflows to use the monorepo as soon as possible. Any current SVN based workflows will be supported for at the most one more year. The move from SVN to GitHub for LLVM has been long under consideration. After positive responses in the mailing threads and in favor of the GitHub community, LLVM has finally decided to set the migration plan in motion. Two round-table meetings were held this week with the developers to discuss SVN to GitHub migration. Below are some highlights of these meetings. The most important outcome from the meetings is an agreed upon timeline for completing the transition. The latest monorepo prototype will be moved over to the LLVM organization Github project and has now begun mirroring the current SVN repository. Commits will still be made to the SVN repository just as they are currently done. All community members are advised to begin migrating their workflows relying on SVN or the current git mirrors to use the new monorepo. As for CI jobs or internal mirrors that pull from SVN or http://llvm.org/git/*.git they should be modified to pull from the new monorepo instead. Changes are advised to also make them work with the new repository layout. Developers are advised to begin using the new monorepo for development. The provided scripts should help to commit code. These scripts will enable you to commit to SVN from the monorepo without having to use git-svn. The commit access will be turned off to the SVN server and commit access to the monorepo will be enabled in a year. At this point, the monorepo will be the only source for the project. Keep an eye on the LLVM monorepo GitHub repository. There is a getting started guide to work with a GitHub monorepo and for more details you can take a look at the mailing list. Read next LLVM will be relicensing under Apache 2.0 start of next year A libre GPU effort based on RISC-V, Rust, LLVM and Vulkan by the developer of an earth-friendly computer LLVM 7.0.0 released with improved optimization and new tools for monitoringlast_img read more