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Apple unveils new Time Capsules

first_imgApple announced a pair of new Time Capsules today, finally ending weeks of rumor and speculation as to whether they were planning to update the line of backup and NAS devices. The two new models come packed with 2TB and 3TB of storage each, and are available to order now from the Apple Store.The prices of the devices haven’t changed, even though each model has a full terabyte more space than the previous model. The 2TB Time Capsule retails for $299, and the 3TB model sells for $499. For comparison, the 1TB and 2TB models sold before the update cost the same amount.For those unfamiliar with the Time Capsule, the device works as a NAS when plugged into your network, and works seamlessly with the Time Machine app to keep your Mac backed up.Time Machine is included in Mac OS, and one Time Capsule can back up or serve files to 50 different computers on the same network. The Time Capsule even has dual-band wireless networking, and supports drive sharing and wireless printing regardless of whether you have a Mac or a PC.Storage aside, nothing else appears to have changed about the Time Capsule. They still have the same size, form factor, and features as the prior models. Even so, there’s likely a reason why Apple is unveiling new Time Capsules now, especially with Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” on the horizon for this summer and iOS 5 coming this fall. It’s possible that there have been changes to the Time Capsule that will only become apparent when connected to a Mac running Lion.Until then however, the new Time Capsules are available now, and according to the Apple Store, they ship within 24 hours. Unfortunately for bargain hunters, the previous model of Time Capsule is listed as sold out in the Apple clearance store.Read more at Applelast_img read more