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Region 3 ministerial outreach greeted by protesters

first_imgAs Government continues its ministerial outreaches throughout the country, they continue to be marred with protest actions as was seen in the recent one held at the Leonora Synthetic Track, West Coast Demerara, on Sunday.At the event, which was attended by many, protesters called on the APNU/AFC Government to do a better job at fulfilling its mandate to the Guyanese people.Chief among the calls made was for the Government to find jobs for the 40 per cent of young people who are jobless. According to one protester, her daughter completed her studies at the University of Guyana almost a year ago and to date, has failed to gain meaningful employment.The outraged woman noted that it is a sickening situation, taking into account all of the money that was spent on fees and other expenses.“You know how long she deh home? Long she deh home, it wasn’t easy sending her but I made the sacrifice because [I] didn’t want to see her struggle like [me] and [so I] did and watch, same thing. She can’t find a work up to now, ow man, this Government needs to do much better than this,” the woman complained.Ganesh (only name given), another protester, claimed that he has been unemployed since 2017. The man, who presently sells fruit in the market on the weekends in order to maintain his new family, underscored that paying jobs in Guyana are hard to find.“You can find one one lil work but you barely getting money, watch me now got a lil son and I can’t find work to provide for it properly and it does grieve my heart that is why I had to try to start up something on my own. Is what really them people doing man?” Ganesh questioned.In the meanwhile, former Minister of State Joseph Harmon, who delivered the opening remarks, said that the outreach is part of Government’s mandate since it is outlined in Article 113 of the Constitution of Guyana.Harmon noted that the exercise is part of Government’s move to promote inclusion with the Guyanese people.“It [is] mandatory that the type of Government we practice is an inclusionary one. One which makes people feel that they are included in the decision-making in our country “Harmon said.According to the former Minister, following the first few outreaches held, his Government recognised that the initiative was an important one which needed to be continued as it not only brings the Government to the people but also provided a platform for Government to better serve the people.However, several booths were set up around the track but the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) booth attracted the largest turnout.A representative of the Authority revealed that Government will distribute hundreds of house lots in the region in the Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara (WCD), area.Speaking with a few of the persons at the booth, one woman relayed her frustration at having to wait since 2009 for a plot of land.“I’m waiting for years, since 2009, every time me go in to them, them does tell me that them ain’t find one yet. I just hoping to hear some kind of good work today man because it’s been long” the woman explained.Several others had the same complaint including one man who revealed that he has been waiting for the past 13 years.Meanwhile, hundreds of persons were given the opportunity to apply for their house lots on the spot.The Communities Ministry booth also saw a large turnout where Communities Minister, Ronald Bulkan interacted with scores of residents as he attempted to address their concerns.Social Protection Minister, Amna Ally and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Dr George Norton were some other Ministers who were at the outreach.last_img read more