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Transit workers win in Philadelphia strike

first_img“Tentative agreement reached. We are off strike.”With that Nov. 7 message, the Transportation Workers Union Local 234 blogged the end of their six-day strike. Local 234 achieved a tentative five-year new contract agreement with SEPTA [Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority] management early that morning. (twulocal234.net)The deal came as the ruling class was ganging up on the union, with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf both joining SEPTA’s legal hearing before Common Pleas Judge Linda Carpenter to seek a court injunction forcing the union back to work. A second hearing was to be held on Nov. 7. TWU leaders had promised to resist any injunction.A major Philadelphia rally scheduled for Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton the evening of Nov. 7 may have pressured SEPTA to reach an agreement. Mass transit was needed to guarantee that a big crowd could get to the Center City venue featuring President Barack and Michelle Obama, both Clintons and several big name entertainers.Pressure on SEPTA from the community was increasing as well. Mass transit users had called for a Nov. 7 protest in front of SEPTA headquarters to demand a day of free transit for each day SEPTA management failed to agree to a new contract.Terms of the agreement have not yet been released. While the new contract still must be approved by union members and by SEPTA’s board of directors, workers have reported back to their normal shifts and mass transit has resumed.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Scaling of body temperature in mammals and birds

first_imgWe examine variation associated with phylogeny in the scaling of body temperature in endotherms, using data from 596 species of mammal and 490 species of bird. Among higher groups of mammals there is statistically significant scaling of body temperature with mass in Marsupialia (positive), Ferae and Ungulata (both negative). In mammalian orders where data are available for at least 10 species, scaling is negative in three orders (Carnivora, Erinaceomorpha and Artiodactyla), positive in one (Chiroptera) and not significant in seven others. There is no relationship apparent between the scaling of body temperature and the existence of gut fermentation. As expected, monotremes exhibit the lowest body temperatures, but within marsupials diprotodonts have a mean body temperature higher than several placental groups; the traditional ranking of body temperatures in the sequence monotremes – marsupials – placentals is thus misleading. In birds, scaling relationships are significant only for Ciconiiformes (strongly negative) and Passeriformes (weakly positive). When allowance is made for phylogenetic effects, there is no significant relationship between temperature in body mass in mammals overall, but an inverse and almost significant relationship in birds. This study indicates a complex relationship between body mass, body temperature and metabolic rate in mammals and birds, mediated through ecology.last_img read more

Upgrades to North Peace Leisure Pool

first_imgThe North Peace Leisure Pool will be closed for six weeks for renovations.- Advertisement -The closure begins Sunday, April 25, and runs for six weeks.Upgrades include enhanced change rooms that will increase the capacity of the family change area. New lockers will be added throughout the facility and there will be an addition to the men and womens’ locker rooms.The cardio room will be relocated to look out over the pool deck, and new diving board platforms and diving boards will be installed. A handicap lift for the lap pool will also be purchased.For more information on the North Peace Leisure Pool, Click Here.Advertisement By Energeticcity.ca stafflast_img read more

Twitter Ad Changes: Who’s Affected, Who’s Not

first_imgA Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Tags:#advertising#NYT#twitter#web sarah perez Related Posts The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videoscenter_img Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification In-stream Twitter ads are here to say, or so says Jan Schulz-Hofen, CEO of Magpie, a Twitter ad network that was among many seemingly under fire from Twitter, Inc. last week after the company announced changes to its terms of service. In this newly updated agreement between Twitter and its developers, it appeared that the popular microblogging company was banning the insertion of ads into users’ Twitter streams. Because of the vague language used, there was a lot of initial confusion about what types of third-party services would be affected by these changes. At first glance, it appeared Twitter was banning ad networks like Magpie, Ad.ly and 140 Proof, among others, from automating the insertion of ads into a user’s timeline. As it turns out, that may not be the case after all. (For now, that is). Ad Networks to Users: Everything’s Fine, We Promise!Since the news first was announced, the owners of several Twitter advertising firms have posted, tweeted and sent out press releases affirming that their businesses are safe and sound. Ad.ly, for example, reported it was “business as usual” within hours of the original news. MyLikes CEO Bindu Reddy also confirmed the same. Ted Murphy from IZEA’s Sponsored Tweets blogged that not only is the service still up-and-running, it won’t even have to switch over to a non-automated mode of tweeting ads, as was suspected earlier.Now Magpie is adding its voice to the growing chorus, announcing that it too, is entirely unaffected by the changes. According to a press release issued by the company just yesterday, Twitter ad networks like its are not at risk, but Twitter client applications are. According to Magpie, the source for this information is Twitter’s own director of platform, Ryan Sarver, who posted to a Twitter mailing list last week clarifying the news: “I want to make sure this part is clear – this policy change isn’t meant to say that we are going to start policing if the content of something a user tweets is an ad or not. The policy change affects 3rd party services that were putting ads in the middle of a timeline. So if Liz is paid by Reebok to tweet about how much she loves their new shoes, we are not going to be policing that any more than we were on Friday. This policy also *does not prohibit* services like Ad.ly that help facilitate those relationships or even help her post the ads to her timeline on her behalf.”Who’s at Risk?But as we reported earlier, the “nuanced” language used in the terms of service already has some investors and developers worried. With this small change, the microblogging network has potentially threatened the business models of a number of services being developed atop Twitter’s platform.Twitter ad networks may be OK, but other applications may be at risk. For example, TechCrunch reported that Twitter banner ad network Featured Users was the first victim of the change, having put itself up for auction immediately after the news broke. But its co-founder Dusty Reagan, unequivocally countered that statement, replying via comments that Featured Users is “not adversely affected by Twitter’s new TOS, AT ALL.” (The caps are his, not ours). Then who is affected? That’s the real question. From everything we’ve heard, no businesses built on top of Twitter have been shut down as of yet. (Let us know if you’ve heard otherwise). Twitter’s Promoted Tweets FAQ Confirms Changes, Details What Apps AffectedIn the meantime, Twitter developer advocate Taylor Singletary, pointed concerned mailing list developers to a new resource at Twitter.com for advertisers. The page describes the company’s upcoming Promoted Tweets service, which will deliver targeted advertising at the top of Twitter’s search results pages. Launch partners for this service include Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks and Virgin America, all of which will soon begin using a self-serve dashboard to “promote” tweets from everyday Twitter users (or their own accounts) and have those placed at the top of a search results page where they’re clearly labeled as ads, much like the sponsored results on a Google Web search results page. The secret to the ToS change and its meaning can be found within the FAQ. In response to the question “What sort of advertising is not allowed?”, the answer reads:Advertisements that resemble or might be confused by users as a Tweet Paid Tweets injected into any timeline on a service that leverages the Twitter API (other than Promoted Tweets). This applies to any Twitter stream, whether user based, search based, or otherThe first bullet point warns those tweeting ads that those ads must be properly identified as such, which isn’t a new requirement. However, it’s that second bullet point that’s the most telling regarding what services will be affected – that is, any service that leverages the Twitter API to serve ads must use Promoted Tweets going forward (Update: Twitter has clarified this – “If a service is going to place paid tweets into a timeline, then Promoted Tweets need to be used. Other types of paid tweets are not allowed”). Twitter will split the ad revenue with the service’s developer 50/50, explains the FAQ. Developers are also welcome to place ads “around or on” applications or websites that display tweets. Those revenues will not be shared with Twitter. Update: From the way it was worded, it appeared that revenue would not need to be shared with Twitter in these cases. However, Twitter says there are some cases where rev share is necessary. Specifically, “in cases where Twitter content is the primary basis of the advertising sale, we require you to compensate us (recoupable against any fees payable to Twitter for data licensing).” The ToS again clarifies that individuals being paid to tweet will not be affected, but concludes with a dire warning to those from the ad networks proclaiming everything is OK:“As with any practice, however, we are following this activity and will prohibit practices that have harmful effects on our ecosystem.” In other words, this may change again.Twitter would not comment on the Terms of Service changes nor its implications. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro…last_img read more

Will Canvas Start Out Blank or With That 4chan Flair?

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market mike melanson Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Sometimes, it’s the community that makes a site what it is. It’s that unique thread of personality, inside jokes and general rules of engagement that gives it the je ne sais quoi and separates it from the crowd. What would Reddit be without Narwhals and bacon, for example? For anonymous message board 4chan, its that unique community identity that’s lead to such wondrous Internet memes as Pedobear, Rick Rolling and Chocolate Rain.So, with4chan founder Chris Poole launching a new site, can we expect more of the same or will a new venture attract a new crowd?According to Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch, Poole has “taken what works [at 4chan], changed other things, and created something wholly new.” That new endeavor, called Canvas, is a service that lets users interact around images, remixing them to form newer, better, and likely ever more vulgar and disturbing imagery from such sacrosanct stock as pudgy babies and teddy bears. And this is the thing – because it is a service started by the creators of one of the most vile, immature locales on the Internet, can expect more of the same? Take a gander at the screenshot: Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Poole told TechCrunch that “Canvas is all about discovery, sharing and play” and that other types of content, such as video, audio and rich text, are on the way. “Our goal,” writes Pool on the company’s launch announcement, “is to create the best place to share and play with images.”Canvas will have accounts and user profiles – as opposed to 4chan’s completely detached, userless experience – but they will be “nothing more than a gathering of the various content [the user] added to the site.” The service opened up today to several thousand beta testers and you can request an invite by logging on to the site using your Facebook account.  But this connection to your Facebook identity is tentative at best and only exists for purposes of onboarding new users. That means the most important 4chan characteristic – anonymity – will remain in tact. This point seems to be the primary for many taking a first look at the service today.Arrington finishes his discussion of Canvas by noting that “Canvas is a separate entity from 4chan, with no connection other than Poole. But my guess is more than a few of the 4chan crowd may head over to Canvas to take a gander.” ReadWriteWeb alum Adrianne Jeffries finishes with a similar caveat, warning that “If Mr. Poole wants Canvas to appeal to the big kids, he needs to ditch some of his old crowd, and real ID seems to be his solution.”From the looks of things, though, it looks like only a matter of time before pudgy “babbys” with mouths for belly buttons devolves into the standard 4chan fare  that, as Jeffries notes, “runs ads almost exclusively for anime and porn.” Related Posts Tags:#news#web last_img read more


first_imgAdvertisement Twitter DIRECTOR’S BIO:  Renuka Jeyapalan is a Toronto-based writer/director and graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Director’s Lab. Her Genie-nominated short film BIG GIRL (05) screened at the Berlinale, the Tribeca Film Festival, and TIFF, where it was awarded Best Short Film. Her other short films include ARRANGED (14), which she made for TMN, Movie Central and the Harold Greenberg Fund, and A BICYCLE LESSON (16), a finalist on CBC’s Short Film Face-Off.In 2010, Renuka won the WIFT-T Kodak New Vision Mentorship Award and was mentored by director Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Twilight). Renuka was also one of 10 directors to be chosen from across Canada to be a part of the inaugural writer/director incubator TIFF Studio (16). She has also completed the Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters Program (16) and the CBC’s Development Workshop for Diverse Creators (16). She has directed episodes of KIM’S CONVENIENCE and MURDOCH MYSTERIES for CBC and was one of three directors on the Telefilm funded feature film ORDINARY DAYS (17), which screened at Halifax, Calgary, Whistler, and is currently on the festival circuit.Currently, Renuka is developing several feature projects as well as the comedy TV series GIRL IN THE BOYS ROOM for the CBC. She has an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto and worked on a Bay Street trading floor for six years. Facebook Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Advertisement FILM: Ordinary DaysDIRECTED BY: Renuka Jeyapalan, Kris Booth, Jordan CanningWHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION FOR YOUR FILM?The film was inspired by two separate thoughts about the human experience. The first was about exploring lives in transition; specifically when it comes to parent and child relationships. The natural march of time forces family structures to change but it’s always a challenging, messy and sometimes, painful process. In Ordinary Days, we have struggling empty-nesting parents, a father-to-be who can barely take care of himself and a young woman determined to follow her own path alone. The second thought is that we all have these ordinary, normal, boring days: we work, we study, we sleep, we pick up the kids from school, we vacuum, we pay the bills – our time is spent on all this minutiae. But everyone has experienced those moments when suddenly something extraordinary happens – there’s a phone call with happy or tragic news, or, as in the film, an unexpected incident occurs and those ordinary days are interrupted and possibly, lives are changed forever. How do we react? Do we panic or stay calm? Can we rise to face the adversity? What happens to us afterwards? It’s always under this type of pressure and stress that we find out who we really are.WHAT WERE THE GREATEST CHALLENGES YOU FACED DURING THE FILM?I would say one of the biggest challenges was figuring out how to make a self-contained story cinematic and emotional. I directed the third segment of ORDINARY DAYS called “Cara.” It was a unique section in that it was a very self-contained story. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but there were many story restrictions in the Cara section and I had to work hard to make sure the story never felt boring, but always kept moving.WHAT APPEAL DO YOU THINK YOUR FILM WILL HAVE FOR AUDIENCES?This will appeal to anyone who enjoys a crafty suspense thriller. The film is a emotional rollercoaster with slow burn tension that builds to a twisty but satisfying ending and features an intriguing lead female character. It’s a bit of a mystery-box story in that each new chapter reframes the one before, allowing the audience to play along, picking up clues and connections as more is revealed.WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A CREATOR?I’ve always loved movies and have been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember. But I never thought it could be a career until I took a film class at university. We analyzed a scene from THE GODFATHER where we discussed how the form and aesthetics of the film were used to tell the story and elicit emotion. Something clicked with me in that moment and I realized that I could do that. I could use all those cinematic elements to tell a story. From then on, I knew I couldn’t do anything else. Ultimately, what inspires me to keep creating and telling stories for the screen is a desire to express a feeling or emotion that will connect with an audience in a meaningful way. Telling stories is a form of self-expression, but it’s also a means to connect.WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NEXT?I’m currently developing a half-hour workplace comedy called GIRL IN THE BOYS ROOM for the CBC. I’ve also started to mull over ideas for my next feature film.WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO ASPIRING FILMMAKERS?If you know that filmmaking is 100% what you want to pursue, without any reservations, then go do it and don’t let anything or anyone stop you. The only way it won’t work out is if you give up. So don’t give up. There will be highs and many, many lows. But if you keep going and keep learning and bettering your craft, it will happen.WHAT ARE YOUR TOP 3 FAVOURITE FILMS OF ALL TIME?This is an impossible question. But I’ll say: THE GODFATHER, IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, and Kieslowski’s DECALOGUE.IF YOU HAD TO DESCRIBE YOUR FILM IN THREE WORDS … WHAT WOULD THEY BE?Tense. Emotional. Hopeful.IF YOU COULD RESHOOT ANY FILM MADE IN THE PAST 20 YEARS, WHICH ONE WOULD YOU CHOOSE AND HOW WOULD YOU CHANGE IT?I would never want to reshoot any film.WHO ARE YOUR MENTORS? (AND WHY)Al Magee. He’s the producer of my show GIRL IN THE BOYS ROOM. He’s also a story genius. I have learned so much about how to tell a rigorous story by working with him. He’s such a collaborative, patient, and positive person and he loves what he does. It’s very inspiring to work with him and I have learned so much.WHISTLER FILM FESTIVAL SHOWTIMES:– DECEMBER 2, 2017, 9:30 PM – MYACGET YOUR TICKETS AT: https://whistlerfilmfestival.com/film/ordinary-days/SYNOPSIS: Cara Cook is a bright, athletic, college student who disappears without a trace. Five days play out three times from a trio of perspectives; her spiraling parents, the troubled detective assigned to her case and finally, Cara herself.CASTING AND CREDITS:Executive Producer: Relay Station, SeedaylightProducers: Glenn Cockburn, Brian Robertson, Ramona Barckert, Bryce MitchellCast: Jacqueline Byers, Michael Xavier, Torri Higginson, Richard Clarkin, Joris JarskyCinematographer: Michael McLaughlinEditing: Aren HansenScreenplay: Ramona Barckert Jacqueline Byers Michael Xavier Joris Jarsky Torri Higginson Richard Clarkin Mena Massoud Kimberly Laferriere Ordinary Days GET YOUR TICKETS FOR THE WHISTLER FILM FESTIVAL TODAYlast_img read more

CLC head accuses Unifor of leaving lobby group to raid another union

first_imgSevered ties between the Canadian Labour Congress and Unifor have culminated in the head of the national lobby group for the labour movement accusing Canada’s largest private sector union of raiding another union for members.Unifor’s president says the union’s decision to leave the CLC this week was due to concerns including what it says are some U.S.-based unions stifling workers’ rights to change the group representing them. The head of the CLC retorts that Unifor left so it could lure members away from other unions to boost its own membership, a move that is forbidden under the CLC’s constitution.Just one day after Unifor announced it was leaving the CLC, Unite Here Local 75, which represents hundreds of hotel workers in Toronto and Mississauga, Ont., announced it was seeking to leave its U.S.-based parent union and join Unifor.“Since the disaffiliation, they are now involved in raiding Unite Here in Toronto,” CLC president Hassan Yussuff said.“If you leave the congress, then, of course, you’re free to go and solicit any members that they wish to join their union. And that’s what they’re doing right now.”Unifor president Jerry Dias insisted leaving CLC is not about boosting its membership.“I have zero interest in raiding any unions. We will respond to those that attempt to raid us, but this has absolutely nothing to do with raiding,” he said.The infighting has left some inside the movement scratching their heads over who is to blame and others asking why they are blaming each other at all, given the challenges the entire movement faces, including an overall decline in unionization rates.“There’s some elements of truth on all sides,” said Stephanie Ross, an associate professor at McMaster University’s School of Labour Studies.However, she added, there are many critics within the movement of the CLC’s difficult process to make a change in union representation, and it would be in the movement’s best interest to re-examine its process.“Because a disunified labour movement is a serious problem.”Unifor has recently struggled to expand its membership by attracting new workers, said Ross, pointing to a recent failed effort with some Toyota workers in Ontario.There’s likely some internal frustration that the union is unable to recoup the members they’re losing due to factors such as job losses through new union drives, she said. But whether that is a factor in their decision remains to be seen, she said.Dias said the CLC rules that give disgruntled unionized workers an avenue to choose different representation don’t work, particularly because U.S.-based unions that are also part of the CLC don’t want them to be effective.Among the CLC’s 65 members, there are 33 international unions. The Air Line Pilots Association International, for example, is an affiliate that represents pilots at airlines in both the U.S. and Canada.While unionization rates have fallen drastically over the past two decades in Canada, the drop in the United States has been even larger.For U.S. organizations, there’s financial incentive to keep Canadians in their unions, said Dias, considering 28 states have so-called right-to-work laws that make union dues unenforceable.“Canada is a major cash cow,” he said. “So there is one heck of a push amongst the U.S.-based unions to ensure that their members can never leave their union.”Unite Here Local 75 outlined several frustrations with its parent Unite Here when announcing the vote to switch unions. It said Unite Here put the local into trusteeship in January, removed elected officials and seized the local unit’s assets.Unifor is the product of a variety of unions that broke away from their American parent, said Ross. So their viewpoint is one that is very sympathetic to union members in situations like those that Unite Here Local 75 describes, she said, where they disagree with the parent chapter over the union’s direction, including on upcoming collective bargaining.Yussuff disagreed with Dias’s assertions that the CLC has failed to act on member complaints, adding its received 46 complaints between May and December last year and all have been resolved. The group can’t address complaints it doesn’t receive, he added.If Unifor has issues with the group’s constitution, Yussuff said, the union should have worked within the system to build a consensus around how to improve the structure.“Leaving and interfering in the relationship with other affiliates is not a way to demonstrate your solidarity.”Follow @AleksSagan on Twitter.last_img read more

Consultation meeting held on for new Seniors Housing

first_imgIn a study, conducted by Northern B.C. Housing, the population of Fort St. John is expected to grow by 46 percent by 2036, with the senior population, 65 plus, expected to grow by 172 percent.With the senior population expected to rise, Brar says there is a real short-coming for senior housing.“We see there is a real short-coming here. We want to come up with a solution, we want to have the right team, and we want to make it based on what your needs are.”Brar and Pearson presented the six levels of Continuum of Care, that features six designs of potential senior housing.The six design levels for the Continuum of Care for Senior Living. Source Peace Enterprises Ltd.Attendees were given surveys to fill out, asking them to list each level on an importance scale; one being most important on the priority list, with six being the least important. The information collected from the surveys will be used as input for further planning.Both Brar and Pearson encourage everyone to complete the survey as this project is not just for the seniors of today, but for the future as well.Focus groups for the project will take place from January 23 to 25, 2019.Surveys can be submitted by visiting the Fort St. John Century 21 Realty. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A consultation meeting for the Continuum of Seniors Housing was held on December 13 at the Fort St. John Seniors Hall.Senior citizens attended the meeting to learn about the future of senior living in Fort St. John, presented by Ron Brar and Kevin Pearson of Peace Enterprises Ltd. and Peace Holdings Inc.Currently, Peace Enterprises Ltd. is in the process of designing a community that accommodates a full continuum of care for older adults.last_img read more

Death outside Pouce Pub deemed not suspicious

first_imgThe adult male was unresponsive and taken to the hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased.The RCMP wish to thank the public for their assistance in this investigation. DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The RCMP say the death of an adult male found in Pouce Coupe on December 8th is not suspicious.In a press release Thursday, the RCMP say the case has been referred to the B.C. Coroner Service for further investigation.  Although the cause of death will not be released by the RCMP, there is no evidence of foul play.On December 8, 2018, the RCMP were called to the parking lot of the Pouce Pub for a man laying down.last_img read more

Holi colours can aggravate health complications Docs

first_imgNew Delhi: Holi is one occasion in India when people do not mind being smeared with colors but doctors warn that in absence of proper safeguards, these colors might do more harm than good and dampen the festive mood. They also favored that a robust regulatory mechanism should be in place to check the components used in preparing these colors and use of labels in organic colors for the benefit of the user.”Dry colors or gulals have two components – a toxic colorant and a base which could either be asbestos or silica, both of which can cause health hazards. Silica in artificial colors may dry or chap the skin and cause lung infections while asbestos, when enters the lung, can result in lung cancer. Gulals are also high on heavy metals such as lead, chromium, cadmium, nickel, mercury, zinc and iron. While chromium may cause bronchial asthma and allergies, nickel may cause dermatitis and pneumonia and iron makes skin more sensitive to light exposure, said an expert. “We receive around 20 to 25 patients in the OPD just before and after the Holi festival with complaints of breathing issues, skin irritations and rashes. It is advisable that one should take adequate precaution to guard themselves. Asthma patients should follow the medication regime for a week in the run-up to the festival. While playing with colors be careful that you do not inhale it anyway. One should also apply a thick layer of cream or lotion to ensure that the color does not stick to the skin or bruise it. Whether dry or wet, if anything goes into the eyes during Holi, make sure a lot of fresh water is splashed to wash away the irritant,” said Dr. Amitabha Ghosh.last_img read more