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French Judge Issues International Arrest Warrant Against Saudi Crown Princes Sister

Rabat – France has issued an international arrest warrant against the sister of Saudi prince Mohammed ben Salmane, accused of mistreating a plumber who was due to work in the Saudi king’s Paris apartment.According to Le Point, the arrest warrant against Saudi princess Hassat bint Salmane was issued in December last year by a Paris-based investigating judge.In September 2016, Le Point reported, a plumber of Egyptian origin came to work in the Saudi King’s apartment on Foch Avenue, reputed to be one of Paris chic places. As the plumber took pictures of the room in which he was set to work, the princess allegedly accused him of photographing her apartment for publicity purposes, selling her apartment’s pictures and her privacy to media. The worker told Le Point that the princess did not limit herself to accusing him of selling her privacy to media. Instead, she allegedly told her body guard to beat him up. The body guard would go on to hit the worker, cover his entire face with bruises and then ordered him to prostrate himself before the princess and kiss her feet, in sign of respect and submission.After hours of beatings and humiliation, the “molested plumber” left the site without his working materials, which were reportedly confiscated by the princess’ body guard, French Media reported.Following the incident, the princess’ body guard was placed in detention, and was charged with “theft, armed violence, sequestration, and death threats.” As for the princess, she was held into police custody for few hours before being released to return to Saudi Arabia, under “murky pretexts of some diplomatic immunity”, complains a French source close to the dossier. read more