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Change The Battery In Your Smoke Detector

first_imgClocks are turned back each fall, and moved ahead each spring andthat’s a good time to also change the battery in your home’ssmoke detector. Anyone who has not done it already, should replace theirbatteries this week, says Nova Scotia Fire Marshal RobertCormier. By linking the job to the changing of the clocks, peopleare more likely to remember the task. “Battery replacement is the easiest and most importantmaintenance to be done on a smoke detector yet many people neverdo it,” he said. When battery power is low, most smoke detectors emit a briefchirping sound. But Mr. Cormier said owners should not depend onthat. “Many people react to it by disconnecting the battery, with thegood intention of picking one up later in the day,” he said. “Theproblem is that the battery then gets forgotten and the detectoroffers no protection at all.” Changing the battery when the time changes will prevent mostdetectors from chirping and will ensure a high level ofprotection. Smoke detector operation should be checked once permonth.last_img read more