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Recruitment: The Candidate Opt-out

first_imgRead full article Recruitment: The Candidate Opt-outShared from missc on 14 Apr 2015 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Articlecenter_img Comments are closed. Anyone who has spent a reasonable amount of time in the HR/recruiting industry invariably will have been on the wrong end of candidate opting out of an application process. There are of course a multitude of reasons why this might happen, a lot of which are outside of our control, but sadly in a large amount of cases, accountability rests on the shoulders of the agent/HR pro and in a lot of cases this can have significant ramifications. For example, in agency-land the client can quickly lose faith in an agent’s ability to close the recruitment loop. In internal talent acquisition you will be held accountable for the cost associated with the time spent resulting in a no-hire etc. Not to mention the pounding your reputation could take from the candidate or client perspective if it a regular occurrence. Sadly in HR and recruitment the candidate opt-out is an evil that will always play a part in our role but if we ensure adequate focus on the quality of our communication and efficiency of our processes, the risk will be largely minimized. It’s not rocket science by any means, but it’s good to not lose sight of the basics as our experience grows.Clarity is King: Grey areas are the mortal enemy of any recruiter. When talking to a candidate, the more details that go undiscussed or the more inaccurate the information you give the applicant, the higher the no-hire’o’meter will rise. When talking to a candidate, if you get the impression that any details you’ve divulged about the remit, remuneration package, location or pertinent skills managed to raise the candidate’s eyebrows and perhaps caused un-easiness, DRILL DOWN!. Don’t be happy with getting a half-hearted approval to flick a CV to a client/hiring manager. Ultimately all you will be doing is facilitating the beginning of a fact finding mission for the candidate (which they will opt out of as soon as any facts they don’t like arise) as opposed to offering up all the facts and ascertaining that they are your/clients next superstar. Yes, your CV submittal rate will be higher but your conversion rate will stink.Recruit in a timely manner, without lacking substance. Anyone who has read my previous blog post (Why the long……process) will know my thoughts on drawn out, lengthy recruitment processes. IMO, if a recruiter or HR pro must ask a candidate to go through a 6 stage process in order for them to ascertain suitability, or if they lack the ability to consult properly with their clients/hiring managers around why this is not needed, then there is some serious training required. Personally, I’m a fan of a robust phone screening process followed by a panel interview or a well put together 2 stage interview process. Keeping in mind the candidate experience, neither option would be arduous but will give more than adequate time to ensure a full screening process.As I said, by no means rocket science but I’d suggest just keeping these two things in mind will largely contribute to overall recruitment success rate and conversion ratios.last_img read more

Gordon gets 50, Rockets top Jazz 126-117 minus Harden, Russ

first_img Written by January 27, 2020 /Sports News – Local Gordon gets 50, Rockets top Jazz 126-117 minus Harden, Russ Tags: Eric Gordon/Houston Rockets/James Harden/NBA/Russell Westbrook/Utah Jazz Associated Press FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailEric Gordon scored a career-high 50 points to lead the short-handed Houston Rockets to a 126-117 victory over the Utah Jazz despite playing without James Harden and Russell Westbrook.Danuel House Jr. added 21 points and 11 rebounds, and Austin Rivers also had 21 points as Houston handed the Jazz their first home loss since Dec. 9.Donovan Mitchell scored 36 points and Bojan Bogdanovic added 30, but Utah lost for just the third time in 22 games.last_img read more

No hearing for Garland, but plenty of noise

first_imgIn an election season stained by political turmoil and anger, perhaps few should have been surprised that a monumental decision like who should sit on the Supreme Court would become yet another arena for partisan conflict.Still, many legal and political analysts were astonished when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who sets the Senate’s agenda, said the vacancy created by the death in February of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, L.L.B. ’60, “should not be filled until we have a new president.” McConnell later declared that no meeting, hearing, or vote would take place for any nominee President Obama put forward, regardless of qualifications. He justified the move as both customary and prudent given the rancor around the presidential election.Obama and fellow Democrats called the blanket refusal a breach of the Senate’s constitutional duty to advise and consent on court nominations and a political gambit designed to deny the president his prerogative to shape the court.Pulitzer Prize winner Linda Greenhouse, who began covering the court for The New York Times in 1978, called the move “truly unprecedented.”“I was pretty shocked that Saturday afternoon when the word got out that Justice Scalia had died. The sun had not set before Mitch McConnell said that no matter who the president sends up, they’re not going to confirm that person. That’s never happened before; never,” said Greenhouse, a 1968 Radcliffe College graduate, during a talk March 22 at the Shorenstein Center, six days after Obama nominated Merrick Garland ’74, J.D. ’77, to the court. Garland, a widely respected and moderate appellate court judge, enjoyed bipartisan support during his confirmation to the federal bench.In an effort to galvanize voters, the White House launched a public relations blitz challenging the GOP’s pledge of non-action on the nomination. According to a recent CNN/ORC survey, two-thirds of Americans think the Senate should hold confirmation hearings and 80 percent of Democrats, along with 48 percent of Independents, think Garland should be confirmed.Greenhouse disputed claims that the Garland nomination battle is comparable to Judge Robert Bork’s failed confirmation in 1987. At the time, Senate Democrats, who held the majority, voted down Bork after a full week of contentious hearings, not before, she pointed out.Linda Greenhouse: The Post-Scalia Supreme Court Linda Greenhouse, longtime New York Times Supreme Court reporter, discussed the current polarization of the court, the nomination of Merrick Garland, and the legacy of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. However unprecedented or unfair it may seem to some, Harvard analysts say the Obama administration has little recourse to get around a GOP roadblock.“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says that these vacancies absolutely must be filled and must be filled in a timely manner,” said David King, a senior lecturer in public policy and faculty chair of the M.P.A. program at the Kennedy School. “It’s nothing new. Marbury v. Madison was all about appointments in time of political transition and that was in 1803, so the history here is really quite extensive.”“The Constitution includes a right to say no and you can say no at any stage, whether before a hearing or after,” agreed Harvey C. Mansfield ’53, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Government at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS).He called the nomination of Garland, a moderate 63-year-old white male, politically “skillful.”“Scalia’s death is a great windfall for the Democrats, a big advantage for them,” said Mansfield, a well-known conservative voice at Harvard. “They get a chance to show that they can be moderate and it’s the Republicans who are the obstructionists.”Mansfield suspects that Republicans are wary that if they grant Garland a hearing, he might perform well and thereby increase public pressure to confirm him.“The reason the Republicans are opposed is the Supreme Court is now almost avowedly a political institution making political decisions or making legislative decisions for some time now, especially since 1973 with Roe v. Wade,” he said. “And so it’s very important politically for one party to maintain or acquire a majority. This would change the majority, this appointment, so I can see why the Republicans want to prevent that if they possibly can.”The GOP freeze has recently shown signs of thawing, as more than a dozen Senate Republicans, including Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois, who is facing a tough re-election fight, have said they would meet with Garland. Of those, a handful have also indicated they would support a hearing on his nomination, a public break with McConnell’s stance.Analysts say the standoff over Garland is a big political wager for both Senate Republicans and Obama.“It’s an interesting gamble by the president because he certainly must be aware that the Senate is not going to move on in any dramatic way until after the election,” said King. “If, in a lame duck session, it could well be that the Republicans — if they lose the Senate and if they lose the presidency — the Republicans could say, ‘OK, let’s just go ahead and approve this guy’ and then you have locked in for the next 10, 15 years somebody who is more moderate than the president would presumably want.”Blocking Garland could backfire if the election yields a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders presidency, said Mansfield.“Republicans might be sorry they didn’t take this more moderate Democrat while they had the chance,” he said. “On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like they have too much to lose by waiting until the result of the election,” given that the GOP base has accused party leaders of repeatedly failing to deliver on their promises. “One way you can deliver something, which everyone understands, is by saying no.”last_img read more

Former flight attendant lands 7-figure deal for 2 novels

first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — Talk about your airplane read. A former bookseller and flight attendant who conjured fictional nightmares during breaks on cross country red-eyes has a 7-figure deal for two novels. The Simon & Schuster imprint Avid Reader announced Thursday that T.J. Newman’s first book, the thriller “Falling,” comes out in July. The narrative is a horror story that understandably gave the author chills. On a crowded flight from Los Angeles to New York, passengers are unaware that the pilot’s family has been kidnapped and the pilot must crash the plane to save them. Newman came up with the idea during one work shift as passengers were sleeping.last_img read more

Gardener Gifts.

first_imgNow that the initial rush of gift buying is over, hopefullyyou have saved the receipts for the returns you are going to takeback after the holidays. You forgot, didn’t you — gardeners don’twear neckties.When in Doubt, AskAs a general rule, real gardeners prefer plants, tools, topsoilor other items over a necktie or a salad shooter. If you don’tknow what to buy the gardener on your list, use the old time testedmethod. Just ask! Or, if you want to be the recipient of the gift,use the method my daughters use; cut out pictures and tape themon the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror.What do gardeners want for Christmas?The choices are as varied as the gardening public, but watchout for the scrim shaded, pastel gardener’s catalogs; much ofthat merchandise is not meant for “real” gardeners.Gloves or a Hat?Gloves might do if they are the really tough goat skins. They’lllast for years and are extremely comfortable. And real gardenersdon’t wear $80 gardeners pants. Just take those old jeans andput some real neat patches on them. They’re “broken in,”they’re comfortable and they have plenty of wear left.Also, every gardener needs a really big gardening hat the biggerthe better for keeping the sun off. A hat with string ties isbest as it stays on better through all of the bending.Most gardeners have more equipment than they need, but theycan always use the right stuff. How do you get the right stuff?Ask!Tools Top the ListDo they need a new power hedge trimmer or just a new springtoothed yard rake? A really sturdy English turning fork is alwaysa favorite. My wife’s fork is 13 years old and has had one newhandle. Remember, most tools come in ladies’ sizes and are justas sturdy, only smaller.There are a host of other possible choices: A garden cart,a new plastic wheelbarrow, a compost bin or a swing or bench toenjoy the results of their gardening work.There are also many “dirty” gifts for the gardenerssuch as soil mixes, topsoil, compost, mulch, stepping stones,even flagstones for a patio.Don’t shy away from dirty gifts. They are sometimes the mostappreciated.What about a book? Southern garden books are relevant and useful.Southern gardeners have finally started to share their knowledgeand believe me, it’s vast. Or a maybe a coffee table book withexquisite pictures of English roses or panoramas of Italian estateswould suit your gardener.Herb Items are ‘Hot’The hottest gardening items are anything to do with herbs herbpots, also known as strawberry jars, both herb cookbooks and regularbooks, and herb plants.Speaking of plants, they can be the perfect gift. Some of usgarden for the sense of greenery, others for the show of colors,while others are drawn to the garden for that certain fragrance,but all efforts revolve around plants?What better gift? Has any gardener got “enough” plants?And, if plants aren’t ready at Christmas, do the next best thinggive them a picture and a promise. For plants, a real gardenerwill wait. Even better, make it special and put the picture ina card and place it under that first Christmas morning cup ofcoffee.Whatever you decide on, the thought of the gift is the mostimportant thing. Well, they can always use the necktie for thescarecrow.last_img read more

Vermont extends deadlines for FEMA assistance

first_imgGovernior Peter Shumlin today announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency approved an extension to the deadline for individuals and municipalities to apply for federal disaster assistance.  The deadline for Individual Assistance and Public Assistance is now November 15, 2011. ‘This is great news,’ the governor said. ‘Vermonters now have additional time to apply for critical assistance from FEMA. I encourage everyone who thinks they might be eligible to contact their local FEMA office now to submit an application.’ The initial deadline was Oct. 31. With cold weather approaching, it was important for the deadline to be extended to allow more Vermonters ‘ many of whom have been distracted with storm cleanup ‘ to seek federal assistance. Individual homeowners, renters, businesses, or others who suffered losses as a result of flooding at the end of August are eligible for assistance to repair their homes or to recover other losses.  Even if damage is minor, or if you are unsure whether damage will be covered by federal grants, individuals should apply as soon as possible, the Governor said. To register for Individual Assistance disaster assistance, call 800-621-FEMA (3362). Those with a speech disability or hearing loss who use a TTY can call 800-462-7585 directly, or 800-621-3362, if using 711 or Video Relay Service. Registration can also be done online anytime at is external) or through web-enabled mobile phone devices or smartphones at Communities that suffered damage in the floods should submit their application for Public Assistance to the Vermont Agency of Transportation.  FEMA will provide at least 74 percent reimbursement for storm response and recovery costs for municipalities.  Regional planning commissions, the Vermont Agency of Transportation, and PA specialists from FEMA can help with the application process. Applications for BOTH Individual and Public Assistance MUST be completed by November 15, 2011.  Shumlin’s office. 10.18.2011last_img read more

Long Island Weather: Storm to Taper Off, Sunshine Tomorrow

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Hold on Long Island—the storm is almost over.The nor’easter that dropped up to 8 inches of snow on the Island Friday is finally nearing its end after a two-day event that included a mix of rain and snow, strong gusty winds and plenty of armchair forecasting.After some residents pooh-poohed the first round of the storm, which sprinkled the area with 1 to 3 inches of snow, the nor’easter’s final act brought heavier snowfall that slushed up roadways and slowed the morning commute.The storm brought 8 inches of snow to Syosset and more than 7 inches to other communities. Orient saw the highest accumulation in Suffolk County, according to the weather service, with 7.1 inches.Forecasters with the Upton-based National Weather Service said a wintry mix of rain and snow will continue to fall over the next several hours, but the worst is behind us. Soon it will taper off and give way to much-needed sunny skies this weekend—and temperatures in the upper 40s.Some of the roads across the Island are still wet but it’s not expected to seriously impact the evening commute, though they could freeze overnight when temperatures drop under 30 degrees.The winter storm, which has lingered over Long Island for more than two days, was more of a headache than anything else. Long Island Power Authority customers didn’t go through prolonged outages, and public transportation, specifically the Long Island Rail Road, wasn’t adversely impacted.The only major disruption came in the air, with travelers facing delays at area airports. Islip’s Long Island MacArthur Airport cancelled flights late Wednesday but continued normal operations Thursday morning.As for this weekend, forecasters are calling for sunny skies with temperatures in the upper 40s. There’s even better news for Monday, meteorologists said, with temperatures possibly piercing 50 degrees.last_img read more

Indonesia sets price floor for nickel ore to protect small miners

first_img“The APNI’s struggle for the past three years has not gone to waste,” said APNI secretary-general Meidy Katrin on Thursday.All miners have been asked to build smelting facilities before the ban. Small miners that cannot afford their own smelters have to sell their ore to nearby smelters.Meidy previously told the Post that 19 of APNI’s 281 members had suspended smelter development due to the export ban. The 19 members had laid out financing plans assuming the ban begins in 2022. The government then abruptly brought the ban forward to 2020.Meidy had said in January that nickel producers had sold nickel ore domestically at $18 to $20 per ton since 2016. Prices are only slightly higher than their average production cost of $19.62 per ton and lower than the HPM of $30 per ton for that month.Further down the supply chain, AP3I vice chairman Jonathan Handojo told the Post that processing and smelting companies disagreed with the government controlling nickel ore selling prices.“Mineral commodity prices are set by the London LME and those move up and down every day,” he said on Thursday via text message.The regulation’s Article 3 allows smelting companies to buy at prices up to 3 percent below the HPM under certain conditions. The regulation also grants the energy ministry the authority to revise the HPM formula once every six months or “whenever needed.”Commenting on whether or not the government had discussed the price floor with the AP3I prior to issuing the regulation, Jonathan said the government “see themselves as experts, so hearing the APNI was enough.”Indonesia, which was the world’s top nickel ore exporter before 2020, aims to turn its nickel reserves into higher-value products, such as car batteries and steel.Topics : The HPM is calculated based on the government’s mineral benchmark price (HMA), which is, in turn, based on average refined mineral prices from Beijing, Jakarta and the global benchmark London Metal Exchange (LME).The Indonesian Nickel Miners Association (APNI), which had lobbied for such a floor, lauded the regulation, but a representative of the Processing and Smelting Companies Association (AP3I) slammed the regulation, as it would limit members ‘ability to adjust to global market fluctuations.The regulation follows Indonesia’s recent ban on exporting nickel ore to spur domestic smelter development. The ban was strongly protested by the APNI, whose members comprise small miners, amid concern over such miners’ ability to finance smelters.The price floor applies to all metal ore and coal sales, but the APNI has been more vocal than other metal miners, as the nickel ore ban starts this year. The ban on other metal ore exports starts in 2022 and for coal in 2046, under existing regulations. The government has put a floor under the price of nickel ore to protect small miners amid Indonesia’s aggressive efforts to develop downstream mining industries.Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Regulation No. 11/2020 mandates using Indonesia’s monthly mineral ore benchmark price (HPM) – previously used to calculate mining royalties – as a price floor for transactions. The regulation was issued on April 14 and is to take effect on May 13.Ministry spokesman Agung Pribadi told The Jakarta Post on Friday (24/4) that the regulation was meant to “ensure nickel sales complied with market prices, so that miners, particularly nickel miners, were guaranteed fair prices.”last_img read more

Trump jeered as he visits Ginsburg’s casket at US Supreme Court

first_imgPresident Donald Trump was greeted with jeers and boos by a nearby crowd on Thursday as he visited the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s flag-draped coffin outside the US Supreme Court.Trump, wearing a black face mask and accompanied by first lady Melania Trump, stood near the casket at the marble court building amid chants of “vote him out.” The moment highlighted the public flashpoint that Ginsburg’s death has become ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election.The Republican president, who has already installed two top court picks since taking office in 2017, has said he would unveil his latest choice on Saturday, a week after the 87-year-old justice died on Sept. 18. His decision to move quickly on a replacement just six weeks before the election has drawn sharp battle lines between Republicans and Democrats, and reshaped the race for the White House as Trump seeks re-election during a coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 200,000 people in the United States and devastated the economy.Ginsburg, appointed by Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1993, was an icon for liberals, especially as the court grew increasingly conservative. Her death has sparked a renewed push by Democrats to get people to the polls in November and an outpouring of campaign donations.Trump dismissed the protests.”I think that was just a political chant. We could hardly hear it from where we were,” he told reporters later in the day.White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany called the chants “appalling and disrespectful.”Before his election to president in 2016, Ginsburg criticized him publicly, calling him “a faker” in one interview. Trump responded by writing that Ginsburg’s “mind is shot” on Twitter. She later apologized, saying she regretted the “ill-advised” comments.The president has maintained a respectful demeanor in his remarks about Ginsburg since her death, but he has drawn criticism from Democrats for not honoring her wish, reportedly dictated in a statement to her granddaughter, that she be replaced by the next president.Topics :last_img read more

Yellow Phase Orders Updated to Include 13 Additional Counties Moving on May 15

first_img Press Release,  Public Health Today, the yellow phase orders were amended to include 13 counties moving to the yellow phase at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow, May 15. Those counties include Allegheny, Armstrong, Bedford, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Fayette, Fulton, Greene, Indiana, Somerset, Washington, and Westmoreland.The 13 counties join 24 counties that moved into the yellow phase on May 8: Bradford, Cameron, Centre, Clarion, Clearfield, Clinton, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Forest, Jefferson, Lawrence, Lycoming, McKean, Mercer, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder, Sullivan, Tioga, Union, Venango, and Warren.An announcement on additional counties is anticipated tomorrow, May 15.The Governor’s amended order can be found here.The Secretary of Health’s amended order can be found here. SHARE Email Facebook Twitter May 14, 2020center_img Yellow Phase Orders Updated to Include 13 Additional Counties Moving on May 15last_img read more