The concept of hot cold thinking how to hit a wave of intelligent G spot

call expansion era, popular words have been diluted a lot. The hardware industry is immersed in a wave of intelligence, relying on intelligent concept products is blossom everywhere, not to mention mobile phone, washing machine, TV, cars, watches, Nishajuxia is inevitably uneven in quality.

smart products remain in the gimmick of narcissistic innovation, without really considering the user experience. Products such as smart light bulbs through APP control, although the color is gorgeous, but can also be used occasionally, for daily use is more trouble in the bedside lamp, put off, if you use the APP to complete the mobile phone network – – APP- APP- – find open lights off APP and a series of actions, such as intelligent hardware a big chicken ribs. read more

Zhou Hongyi do not fly complex search made a lot of mistakes

[tips] if you want to search for information, but also to start the browser search engine at > > input; input keywords > Enter? Out, now, as long as you double-click the Ctrl button, everything is


lecture before doing a small advertisement. Because today is the 360 anniversary of the launch of the search today, we released the tomato, also released a double Ctrl. Do not know what is the meaning of tomatoes 360 tomatoes with Jingdong really does not matter, interested can go to search. read more

Wo Hui online platform preschool education received 150 million yuan B round of financing led Renai

Abstract: kindergarten Domain company competition, the channel is king.

April 18th, online and interactive platform for preschool Wo Hui announced the acquisition of 150 million yuan B+ round of financing, this round of financing by the Renaissance Kunzhong collar vote, good future education group with the investment fund industry, while the establishment of preschool education content. In June last year, Hui fertile completed 120 million yuan B round of financing for the construction of the national channel and platform content development. read more

See if your domain is still in your hand

Recently, tianyaclub xingxingxing was stolen, robbed, Microsoft also received the live domain name things really lively

there are many has been quietly occurrence and imminent. Domain name disputeIn this paper,

(source webmaster information) according to their own a little experience, I hope you look at your own domain state controlDon’t say you

now use a free domain name or 2 level domain name, the domain name or others

that is not in the scope. (many people use blog, nease or Sina Level 2 to do the wedding dress, people use other people’s cloth play okay, if you want to become a brand. Or register a domain name, don’t see tens of dollars, but the intangible assets, priceless drop)

if your site has been bigger, can have thousands of tens of thousands of IP, or to bigger and should pay more attention in the website,

you are not their own agency, now China million net net new entry channel agent is simple, the 1000 block can be a general agent, and the domain name is cheap, control in their own hands, not in some unfamiliar individuals or small domain name company, after the transfer of the domain name is very troublesome careful, careful. Previously encountered many such things, from small (a few) no reputable agency, it is necessary to chinakayao, or simply transfer out, before the purchase of a person in the business China domain, the 500 have been hit in the past, but the agency is not put out the domain name, transfer to my agent, no way, only to give up the domain name.

today Zaiquan, Beijing Chinese agent responsible for the new channel nets are familiar with me, contact me qq    470666

read more

n Shenzhen thousands of network failures of government needs to improve the soft environment of the

as early as the first half of this year, in the face of an annual growth rate of more than 100% of the domestic e-commerce market, there are industry insiders predicted that the end of this year will usher in the collapse of the tide. Not long ago, suddenly collapse once fame Shenzhen rice mall seems to confirm the accuracy of this prediction. The Shenzhen Business Daily reporter recently learned in an interview, in the past year, there are nearly one thousand e-commerce companies in Shenzhen closed down. read more

Case analysis of a master mail marketing

said the occupation disease, I believe that all practitioners have this habit, if you are doing SEO, see a site, the first time is to check the ranking; if you engage in social marketing, micro-blog will be a hot topic you often focus on the headlines, for email marketing Er, open from the beginning of the mailbox for a moment, has entered the research status. Although the time in brother e-mail marketing message is not long, but still can not deny and my hobbies to master class mail, then I give you a letter of master class mail, look at how fun mailing read more

Mobell bicycle massive failure but the majority is not the Lite version is still the operator

the evening of December 29th, v-mobile bikes have a large area of the fault problems in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places.


, each city’s official micro-blog Mobell bikes have responded to operators, called as soon as possible. According to Sina Technology interview, v-mobile cycling said, has urged and assist operators on the network emergency repair, late before 10 has basically returned to normal.


this morning, December 30th, love fan children in Guangzhou try to use v-mobile bike, bike for several continuous scan code, that is still unable to use. Page display for vehicle fault. Some passers-by in the v-mobile single scan code, is also unable to unlock. read more

Cool source cmsV1 0 beta1 version is scheduled to be released today

      the latest news, cool source software will be released in September 25th cool source cms1.0 test version, the company is currently on the existing functions to do the final test.

      test version using including function for news system and membership system, cool source software development based on.Net2.0+vs2005 system uses a N layer architecture, currently supports MSSQL2000 and MSSQL2005 database.

      cool source software as an excellent CMS system, in addition to the well-known AJAX technology and XML technology and cache technology, but also uses the JSON technology and HTML5 standard. (do not know JSON and HTML5 webmaster can go to Baidu first familiar) read more

The nternet revolution 10 years of media experience how the reborn




in the Internet era, the media is like a chameleon, a dwelling in the light colorful lights under the keen barge fickle, waiting in the wings, any one of the latest technological innovation or spread, are likely to make the change, change the Internet fast 10 years of media experience confirms this good a little.

industry change and role transformation

the last 10 years, digital media from the portal to social media, mobile media platform to complete the form in the media, completely change, change in the results of specific performance: pay more attention to the information communication facility, two-way and autonomy, in short, is the digital media from a professional position, to all users with the most simple, easy to use, easy access to content services. Not long ago, at the Cannes International Festival of creativity (The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity) won sixty-second " " media personality of the year award; Tencent network media business group president, senior executive vice president Liu Shengyi proposed in his speech, the new media as a typical Tencent (network media business includes Tencent video portal, micro-blog, APP, news etc.) target, from the pursuit of technological innovation, change with the power of technology, to make thousands on thousands of ordinary users can equally enjoy the convenience of digital media. read more

Robin Li wrote four years ago to promote the speech Entrepreneurship practical seven strokes

      September 4th news, Baidu CEO Robin Li recently in its blog once again called the seven practical entrepreneurship lecture content. Robin Li said that there were media reports of his speech, but did not record the time and place, so the blog again review the background of the speech.

      "everyone is a little narcissistic," Robin Li admits, often searching for his own name on the Internet blog, and in chronological order, observing the industry’s latest comments about it. read more