Group purchase industry flourishing saves a life and death test

how long does it take to travel from heaven to hell? The group buying industry has finished the journey in a year. Crazy expansion from last year to this year has been bankrupt, closed down, mergers, layoffs continued, China’s group buying industry quickly completed a cycle.

at the beginning of July, when Wang Xiantian saw the 100 appliance business survival status survey of a magazine published in serving their own business from only the first death, he said " of the family; I would feel that this is not the place to stay long. " Wang worked in a line of day once glorious moment of the group purchase website, and he is responsible for the website data mining. Originally intended to change jobs at the beginning of next year, he had to consider looking for a way ahead of time, panic has become a common problem in this industry. read more

Global domain name industry in 2010

2010 has been in the past, the following review of the global domain name industry has those major events:

1, international domain name into the rootThe 2010

global internationalized domain names (IDN) into the root is a big event in the domain name industry has attracted the most attention, by the end of January 6, 2011, has been submitted to the state and has a total of 33, of which 15 have been approved written into the root of the ICANN server, the world can visit.

in the 15 has been approved by the international domain name, to Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in traditional "management. Chinese" the Chinese domain name registrations ranked first, forecast by the end of 2010 has a capacity of between 60-70 million (only a brief history, in fact there are Chinese "company", "network.", "government" and "public welfare." 4), for example, the legal Chinese domain name "Guangming Chinese." at present can be global access. read more

Xuzhou second annual meeting of the nternet industry will be held

second Xuzhou Internet Industry Conference & Huaihai Economic Zone second master conference

conference background:

in response to the trend of knowledge economy and information era, in order to meet the needs of the rapid economic development of Xuzhou, Xuzhou is also in order to speed up the process of information, information exchange and prosperity of Xuzhou from all walks of life, to promote the overall development of Xuzhou’s overall situation, the Internet as an important driving force of Xuzhou’s economy, the urgent need to further develop. read more

Robin Li said the future may not have O2O there may be no Baidu

Robin Li in a recent forum boldly put forward: the next 5 years may not be a O2O.

here, the author also bold Dialect: the next 5 years Baidu (Tencent ALI) may no longer exist, because rumors Google to come back (laugh).

why do I say that? We all added a word: "maybe". Lining’s ad, everything is possible, in fact, it means that everything is uncertain factors. Everything is possible, everything is possible.

Chinese characters. Even after 5 years O2O is still alive, Robin Li also did not say, because everything is possible. read more

NetEase server paralyzed 9 hours after the resumption of what reason

yesterday we reported that from 21 o’clock in the evening, NetEase, including NetEase news, cloud music, easy letter, etc., as well as the number of products across the board game has been unable to connect to the server.

it is understood that this morning to 6 pm, lasted 9 hours of downtime events come to an end, to resume normal operation of all NetEase’s products.

in this regard, many netizens said, "the router ‘reset’ as soon as rotten, just reinstall the system" at 9:40 Tucao, NetEase subsequently responded that the backbone network attacks are caused by repair, recovery time to be determined. read more

The first electricity supplier to protect the security of the platform on line Taobao sellers bid fa

from the simple "insurance online insurance products sold to the real Internet, the reform of the insurance industry is moving.

following the "three horse" zhong an online collaboration with Alibaba launched the public music treasure – bond program "(hereinafter referred to as" all music treasure) after yesterday, Alibaba, small and micro financial services group (hereinafter referred to as Taobao Taobao insurance and Taikang Life Insurance ") jointly launched the first domestic enterprise groups for e-commerce security platform – music industry protection". read more

Hebei credible website demonstration project will be the integrity of the D card

site will be a "good faith card"

news (Wang Yanhua) November 19, 2010, Hebei credible website demonstration project was officially launched in Cangzhou. This has become the province of Guangdong, a provincial credible website demonstration project implementation of the region, while Cangzhou has become the province’s first credible website demonstration project to implement the city. Cangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology official

shows, in order to speed up the pace of trusted Internet construction in Cangzhou City, Cangzhou City, set up various websites on the global Internet credible image, in the province of Cangzhou will be within the scope of the first implementation of "credible site demonstration project", guide the majority of the city’s enterprises and institutions as soon as possible for the trusted sites test, to play on the official website authoritative identification "credible, striving for national e-commerce demonstration city". In the meantime, the application of the credible site verification of the majority of enterprises and institutions, each can also enjoy the maximum 6200 yuan of financial support and policy subsidies. read more

Founder of the Chinese Army Software Park Download Station living space is very limited

are you "downloaded" today

this is an era". From the "growth", "employment", "representative", it is said that vulnerable groups have no voice, but suffered some fantastic wisdom of rape.

now comes again: download. And chances are you’ve been through.

I have a friend, the computer is the best rookie, even hard disk and memory are not clear. He just bought a iPhone, do not know how to import MP3, ask me for help. I helped him find a iTunes download page in a software station, from QQ to him, to his installation. read more